Temple of democracy should always be open

  By Vijay Darda | 21-12-2020. No matter how serious and extraordinary the circumstances, it’s not proper to suspend any session of Parliament. The government’s announcement that the winter session of Parliament will not be held has shocked one and all. Naturally, opposition parties have flayed this move in one voice but it does not […]

Why has muscle power politics become a norm?

  By Vijay Darda | 14-12-2020. There is no place for violence in a democracy but the history of violence is being repeated in West Bengal. The present state of politics in West Bengal is quite frightening. The language of ‘lathi and not democracy, is being spoken there. During the leftist’s era, street violence had […]

Will ‘secular’ parties be able to fight RSS and BJP?

  By Vijay Darda | 07-12-2020. Unstable Congress and weak Opposition… and our secular country creaking under its weight! The BJP grabbed the attention of the entire nation for the way it contested the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation election. This was for the first time that the national leadership of the BJP had deployed its […]

Why not one election when nation is one?

  By Vijay Darda | 30-11-2020. Till 1967, the Assembly elections were held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha, but politics changed this system. Prime Minister Narendra Modi already has a majority in the Lok Sabha and will soon have one in the Rajya Sabha too. Therefore, it appears certain that he will realise the idea […]

The year that held the mirror to mankind

By Vijay Darda | 28-12-2020. The year 2020 was a dreadful year but it also taught humanity a lot The year 2020 is coming to an end. Hardly anyone would like to remember this year, but it is also true that history will not forget it. It created and instilled such a terror in everyone’s […]

‘Happy Health Year’ to every sector

By Vijay Darda | 04-01-2021. The coronavirus outbreak not only frightened the common man but also destroyed the health of the industry. At the outset, I would like to convey unlimited good wishes for the New Year and best wishes for the future. As I wrote in the previous column, the year 2020 was fraught […]

Trump has tarnished America’s credibility

By Vijay Darda | 11-01-2021. Donald Trump’s attitude has always been dictatorial and America is suffering its consequences Nobody had ever imagined this! America advocates democracy all over the world, but its own President’s supporters ripped apart the democracy in their own country. The mobsters attacked their own Parliament! The question is how so many […]

There need be no confusion on effectiveness of vaccine

By Vijay Darda | 18-01-2021. Vaccination drive is a turning point in the crusade against Covid-19. Yet, self-protection is the key. The world’s largest vaccination campaign to prevent Corona has started in India. In the meantime, some confusion too prevails and surely it needs to be resolved. Keep in mind that vaccination is an important […]

A tough road ahead for Joe Biden..!

By Vijay Darda | 25-01-2021. Task of reversing Trump’s decisions begins, but is it easy to get America back on the track? Joe Biden took over as US President in the midst of much acrimony. Outgoing President Donald Trump was supposed to attend the ceremony but he didn’t. He disappeared like an upset and angry […]

Poverty not a curse, sterling efforts needed to be wealthy

  By Vijay Darda | 23-11-2020. Mukesh Ambani has added a feather to India’s cap by figuring among the richest in the world Let me tell you a story of Mukesh Ambani’s vision. Reliance Group has a huge petroleum refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat. A large area was lying barren around it. Mukesh Ambani felt that […]