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Private Member’s Bills

1. The Electronic Waste (Handling And Disposal) Bill, 2015

2. The Supreme Court (Establishment Of A Permanent Bench At Nagpur) Bill, 2014

3. The White Asbestos (Ban On Use And Import) Bill, 2014

4. The Compulsory Medical Preparedness In Schools Bill, 2009

5. The Compulsory Registration Of Marriages Bill, 2007

6. The Prevention Of Atrocities On Women Bill, 2007

7. The Gymnasiums And Fitness Centres (Regulation) Bill, 2007

8. The Code Of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Bill, 2007

9. The Special Courts For Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes Bill, 2007

10. The Consumer Goods Price Fixation Board Bill, 2007

11. The Pathological Laboratories And Clinics (Regulation And Control) Bill, 2006

12. The Whistle Blowers (Protection In Public Interest Disclosures) Bill, 2006

13. The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2006

14. The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2006

15. The Children School Bags (Limitation On Weight) Bill, 2006

16. The Mobile Camera Phone Users (Code Of Conduct) Bill, 2006

17. The Rajya Sabha Secretariat (Administration) Bill, 2006

18. The Commissions For Protection Of Child Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2006