Honouring ‘Lokmat Global Trailblazer Award’ winners in Singapore

Media Coverage | 12-04-2024

Encouraging developments are leading our country to become the third largest economy in the world. In the context of the positive momentum so far, it is imperative to steer the economy in the right direction, ensuring comprehensive discussions and setting definite goals for rapid progress across various sectors. With this objective, the ‘Lokmat Global Economic Convention’ was held recently at the renowned Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. Dignitaries who have carved a distinct identity at the global level were honoured with the ‘Lokmat Global Trailblazer Award’ at this ceremony.

Acharya Lokesh Muniji

Jain Spiritual Guru

Mangal Prabhat Lodha  

Minister for Skill Development &  Entrepreneurship, Maharashtra

Gautam Singhania

Chairman, Raymond Group

Achievements of these dignitaries have brought accolades to our country at global level. It is a pleasure to honour them with the ‘Lokmat Global Trailblazer Awards’. ‘Lokmat’ has consistently empowered those who are dedicated to their work. With this aim in mind, this event was organised in Singapore.

— Dr Vijay Darda

Chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha

Dipali Goenka

Chief Executive Officer, Welspun Group

Pramod Ranka  

Director, Solitaire Group

Pradeep Rathod

Chairman, Cello World and New Age Billionaire

Amruta Fadnavis

Banker and Social Worker

Vishal Chordia


Pravin Masalewale

Suresh Mutha

Executive Chairman, Mohan Mutha Group

Shailesh Lodha

Renowned  Actor and Poet

Gautam Chand Jain

Chairman, Pokarna Group

Madhusudan Agrawal

Vice Chairman, Ajanta Pharma

Prakash Jain

Founder, Inspira Enterprises

Surya Jhunjhnuwala

Founder, Naumi Hotels

Ritu Jhunjhnuwala

Founder, Naumi Hotels

Balwant Jain

Founder, Optimum Solutions

Zelam Chaubal

Director, Kesari Tours

Purva Darda Kothari

 Intrea Jewels

Manju Mangal Prabhat Lodha

Chairman, Lodha Foundation

Krishnan Bhaskaran

Industrialist from Singapore

Nitin Bhagwat

Chairman, Noble Cast Comp Private Limited

Challenging questions, astute answers: A display of intellectual agility

During the Lokmat Global Achievers Awards ceremony in Singapore, an engaging dialogue unfolded between Amruta Devendra Fadnavis and the poet-actor Shailesh Lodha.

This conversation revealed different facets of their personalities. With sharp answers to the challenging questions posed intermittently by the interviewers, both personalities captivated the audience. Through their quick wit and precise responses, these dialogues elevated the Lokmat Global Economic Convention to newer heights.

(From left) Purva Darda Kothari of Intrea Jewellers, Shweta Shelgaonkar, Amruta Fadnavis and chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda during the interview of Amruta Fadnavis.

(From left) Chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda, Shailesh Lodha, Dr Manju Mangal Prabhat Lodha and Dr Swati Shailesh Lodha during the interview of Shailesh Lodha.

‘I’m Devendraji’s critic & admirer too’

Says Amruta Fadnavis in an engaging and insightful interview

Amruta Devendra Fadnavis was interviewed by Shweta Shelgaonkar at the ‘Lokmat Sakhi Global Achievers Award’ event. In this interview, Amruta Fadnavis expressed her forthright views on women empowerment.

Dr Vijay Darda: When Devendra Fadnavis was the Chief Minister, do you think Devendraji ever faced any problem due to your behaviour?

< p style=”font-weight: 400;text-align: justify”>Amruta Fadnavis: I am always trying to make his life smooth. But it always gets complicated. Of course, this is his problem. I have always aspired and done good for him.

Dr Vijay Darda: Without taking the pressure of being the wife of a Chief Minister or a prominent party leader, you do what you think is right. Does this habit of yours not bother Devendra Fadnavis?

Amruta Fadnavis: He is used to troubles. And now he has started enjoying troubles.

Dr Vijay Darda: When farmers’ protests were going on, you were shooting with Amitabh Bachchan. You faced a lot of trolling for that. What was that experience like?

Amruta Fadnavis: There are consequences for speaking up. I faced those trolls. But even from that, I learned something and strive to do better, that’s my role.

Dr Vijay Darda: Does your behaviour with Devendra Fadnavis ever bother him?

Amruta Fadnavis: No, I literally worship him. I am his great critic and equally great admirer. Since we have a friendly relationship, I can talk to him about what I feel. But he is much greater to me so I also respect him a lot.

Dr Vijay Darda: Is Devendra Fadnavis a very simple person?

Amruta Fadnavis: Yes, very straightforward. Just like a ‘Jalebi’.

Dr Vijay Darda: How much time does Devendraji give to his family?

Amruta Fadnavis: I have sacrificed Devendraji’s time for me, for my Maharashtrian brothers and sisters.

Dr Vijay Darda: Although you say that you have made a sacrifice, actually he is doing a very important work. Are there any arguments between the two of you due to his lack of family time?

Amruta Fadnavis: Not really. Recently my daughter insisted that we visit somewhere together. At that time he managed two days. We went to Vrindavan for two days, and gained a lot of spiritual energy after going there.

Shweta Shelgaonkar: Will you be in politics in the near future?

Amruta Fadnavis: I like to do different things. I like music, banking, spending time with my daughter, and travelling. If I was in politics, I would not have been able to come here. Even if I would have come, I would not have been able to stay all through the event. A politician has to devote full time to politics like Devendraji Fadnavis, Mangal Prabhat Lodhaji or Narendra Modiji. I think that those who have such full dedication should go for it.

Shweta Shelgaonkar: Who are your favourite singers?

Amruta Fadnavis: I love the versatility and beauty of Asha Bhosle’s voice. I am also a big fan of Lata Mangeshkar.

Voice of women should be loud, sharp

Gender equity has not yet ingrained at workplaces. A woman abroad earns 77 cents for the same work for which a man earns a dollar. Abroad, for the same job that earns a man a dollar, a woman earns only 77 cents. Even in Hollywood, leading actresses earn on average 1.1 million dollars less than their male counterparts for similar leading roles. So women will be heard only if their voice is loud and sharp. 24 percent women quit their jobs after the delivery of their first child. As a country, this causes a huge loss of manpower and intelligence. To change this situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the maternity leave from three months to 26 weeks, and women are benefiting from this initiative.

‘I was born with rhythm of poetry’

A special conversation with Shaillesh Lodha: Unfolding the journey of a poet & actor

Shailesh Lodha inherited the legacy of poetry from his mother. Dr Manju Lodha had a special conversation with him. Through this conversation, Shailesh Lodha unfolded the journey of a poet and actor in his unique style…

Dr Manju Lodha: How did you develop interest in poetry?

Shailesh Lodha: I am always asked this question and I say that I was born in the rhythm of poetry. God gifted it to me. Goddess Saraswati gave the pen in my hand and things progressed. There is nothing special about it.

Dr Manju Lodha: How do you balance both the roles of an actor and a poet?

Shailesh Lodha: You will find only two things in me: Poetry and India. Poet Gopaldas Neeraj said that to be human is fate and to be a poet is good fortune. Acting is a by-product. The poet in me shows the way to the actor to do thousands of episodes of different shows. Also, the actor enriches the poet within me.

Dr Manju Lodha: When you do the work you love, it is no longer work. Has this happened to you?

Shailesh Lodha: I am a science graduate. After that I did marketing management and went selling medicines shop to shop, and worked as a medical representative. At the age of ten, a boy reached the national stage of poetry. He gained recognition as a child poet across the country.

The same young boy started working as an MR when he grew old. But God definitely gives opportunities to those who have talent. Light finds its way even though all windows and doors are shut. It happens and the same happened to me too.

Dr Manju Lodha: What role does poetry play in today’s society? How to attract people to literature?

Shailesh Lodha: You cannot attract anyone to something. Only those who want to change, can change. It must come from within. A mother says that children should not use mobile phones. But she herself does not leave the mobile phone aside and to grab a book. This does not lead to a change.

Dr Manju Lodha: What do you think about the increased comedy or humour in recent poetry gatherings?

Shailesh Lodha: I think this objection is inappropriate. Because nowadays everything has changed. My grandfather used to wear dhoti, I don’t. Earlier films like ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ were made, now films like ‘Murder’ and ‘Jism’ are made. Earlier purest form of Hindi was spoken, now we speak English.

Even today, I communicate with Dr Vijay Darda in Marwadi, but our children do not. The format of poetry gatherings has also changed. Society has changed, language has changed, so literature will also change accordingly.

…and thus, poetry changed too

If poetry had brought about a change, no one would have needed to write anything after Sant Kabir.  Similarly, in today’s newspapers, there are many positive news stories, but our attention is drawn to crimes, offenses, and blood-stained news. We don’t seem to pay attention to those positive news stories. A film like ‘Animal’ makes a business of `700-800 crores. This shows the mentality of the society. Earlier, poetry did not go viral on social media, because there was no social media, there was no poetry on jeans because people did not wear jeans. As time changed, society and social life also changed. Poetry is a reflection of society itself. Thus, poetry also changed, said Lodha.

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