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Politics will go on, I want to bring govt on track

   By Vijay Darda | 06-09-2022

Says Eknath Shinde during visit to ‘Four Stories’ exhibition

Vijay Darda

“Political games will continue but I want to bring the hitherto defunct government on track in Maharashtra. I want to make the State truly dynamic,” said chief minister Eknath Shinde here on Monday.

The occasion was the conclusion of the ‘Four Stories’ painting exhibition organised at Jehangir Art Gallery.

Eknath Shinde was at the Jehangir Art Gallery for around 50 minutes during which he observed the paintings with great interest and admired them too.

Speaking to the chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda, the chief minister said, “I knew you as a journalist. But you are an artist too.”

To this, Vijay Darda quipped, “But you are a unique artist in the field of politics,” triggering peals of laughter in the audience.

“I am no artist? I only showed a little bit of my artistry,” pat came the chief minister’s reply.

Shinde further said, “No post is permanent. I have always been a down-to-earth person. My aim is to bring about balanced development of Vidarbha and backward areas of the State. Chief ministers come and go. People only remember the constructive work done by them. They also remember how you interact with people. We can do something for people, so people come to us. So it is not right for us to be partial in such a situation.”

Funds received through the sale of paintings will be used for various social activities. Vijay Darda said the funds from the sale of the paintings will be used for the education of the children of martyred policemen of Gadchiroli district, which was adopted by the former chief minister.

Accordingly, the chief minister also bought a painting saying he also wants to contribute to the noble work. “The members of your family are great artists and everyone has drawn very beautiful pictures,” said the chief minister on this occasion.

A unique bouquet was presented to him on behalf of all the artists. There was a huge crowd of people outside the art gallery to see the chief minister. Shinde walked towards the people as he stepped out and greeted all of them by waving his hand. This became a topic of discussion in the Jehangir Art Gallery area.

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