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Sadhguru taps feet while giving message to save soil

 Media Coverage  |  17-06-2022

Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation, is creating awareness about soil conservation as a part of his ‘Save Soil’ campaign all over the world. He is getting a huge response from the youths. At the event organised by Lokmat Media Group in Pune, a large crowd of environmentally conscious youths had gathered. Sadhguru also tapped his feet with the youths to the tune of the song ‘La La Le Lale Lale…’ which conveys the message of environmental protection.

After a very touching address, Sadhguru started tapping his feet on the stage. After Sadhguru’s address, the youth were seen leaving the venue with a resolve to save the soil. At the outset, the Bharatanatyam dance performed by the dancers of the Sanskriti Group added a cultural contour to the programme.

A special song composed for the ‘Save Soil’ campaign changed the atmosphere. The song compelled the audience to tap their feet. Musical beats, meaningful words, captivating performance by the singers and instrumentalists and the spontaneous response from the audience turned out to be the main attraction of the programme.

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