Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj was a ‘Rashtramuni’: Dr Bhagwat

Media Coverage | 26-02-2024

World should follow his teachings: RSS chief; all sections of society pay tributes to Jain Acharya

Jain Acharya Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj was the gem of our country and a ‘Rashtramuni’. His mere ‘darshan’ brought peace and stability in the lives of countless people. He was a true patriot. From time to time, he guided people on various issues — spirituality to country’s development — and showed a proper path to all of them. So, the world should follow his path of teachings and inspiration, said Sarsanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dr Mohan Bhagwat here on Sunday.

Dr Bhagwat was speaking at the “Vinayanjali Sabha” organised as part of the “Samadhi Mahotsav’ of Acharya Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj at Chitnis Park.

The programme was organised by Shri Digambar Jain Parwar Mandir Trust and Sakal Jain Samaj.

National president of Sakal Jain Samaj Dr Vijay Darda, former MP Ajay Sancheti, Gev Awari, Congress leader Vilas Muttemwar, MLA Krishna Khopde, MLA Vikas Thakre, MLC Praveen Datke and president of Unnati Foundation Atul Kotecha were among the prominent persons present on the occasion.

Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj’s disciples Niyam Sagar Maharaj, Soumya Sagar Maharaj, Nispruh Sagar Maharaj, Nischal Sagar Maharaj, Nirbhit Sagar Maharaj, Niragsagar Maharaj, Omkar Sagar Maharaj, Samyam Sagar Maharaj were also present.

Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj, who observed the religious vows strictly, was a guide for all. His sermons not only was logical, but had a sense of intimacy. If someone sat near him even for half-an-hour, his mind would remain calm for the whole year, Dr Bhagwat added.

He had insisted that our country should not be called India, but Bharat. He preached that employment opportunities in the country would increase and the nation will develop only through a self-based system. Everything he had said acts as a guide for all of us, Dr Bhagwat said and added that with the ‘samadhi’ of Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj, it was a personal loss to him.

On the occasion, president of Shri Digambar Jain Parwar Mandir Trust Anand Maujilal Jain, secretary of the trust Ashish Panchmalal Jain, Satish Koylawale, Vinay Aladin, Sonu Jain Koylawale, Santosh Pendhari, Nitin Nakhate, Santosh Thekedar, Anil Jain BSR, Pramod Jain Goodluck, Jay Badkur, Manish Jain, Jitendra Jain, Dr Suresh Modi, Sheetal MPST, Sanat Jain Wardhawale, Ajay Badkur, Nitin Mahajan, Mukesh Kewalwale, Arvind Jain, former mayor Dayashankar Tiwari, BJP state vice president Sanjay Bhende, Archana Dehankar, Mahila Congress city president Nash Ali, Amol Thackeray of VHP, Manish Mehta and others were also were present on the occasion.

Acharya was similar

to God: Dr Darda

Acharya Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj was not just a saint but was an actual embodiment of God. We only imagine God. However, after meeting Acharya Ji, I realised that God was exactly like this. In 1994, a ‘chaturmas’ was organised in Nagpur in the presence of Preetisudha Ji. We wanted to invite people from all religions. When we informed VidyasagarJi Maharaj, he felt very happy and said he would send his representative on the dais and extended  his blessings to me. After that, I met him several times at different places. I always got his blessings and guidance. Although Acharya Ji is not with us, he will always be in everyone’s heart. His sermons are the guiding path in life. Through his sermons, he would stress on patriotism along with values, that was his speciality, said national president of Sakal Jain Samaj Dr Vijay Darda while offering ‘Vinyanjali’ to Acharya Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj .

RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat expressing his thoughts at the ‘Vinayanjali Sabha’ organised to pay tributes  to Acharya Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj, while national president of Sakal Jain Samaj Dr Vijay Darda and disciples of Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj look on. (Right) Dr Vijay Darda having a conversation with Dr Bhagwat during the ‘Vinayanjali Sabha’  in Nagpur on Sunday.


A large number of people including women were present at the ‘Vinayanjali Sabha’orgaised to pay tributes to Acharya Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj in Nagpur on Sunday.

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