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A battle between truth & falsehood

  By Vijay Darda | 18-11-2019

People stand confused as to why this battle over power-sharing broke out despite giving a clear mandate?

According to our mythology, the Mahabharat battle ended on 18th day after its breakout. However, the battle for power in Maharashtra could not come to an end even after 18 days after the declaration of results. The voter is now shocked as to why this happened? The voter had two options. One is the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance and the other is the Congress-NCP alliance. The BJP-Sena alliance got a clear majority with 105 seats to BJP and 56 seats to Shiv Sena. The other alliance with Congress 44 and Nationalist Congress Party 54 was reduced to only 98 seats. Apparently, the voters gave a mandate in favour of the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance.

When results came out, everything seemed fine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the slogan – Narendra in Delhi and Devendra in Mumbai! Devendra Fadnavis himself was also saying that he would be back as the Chief Minister. The voters were convinced that the BJP-Sena government would be back in action. Just then a so-called battle between truth and falsehood started with each of the allies accusing the other of falsehood while presenting itself as a personification of truth. Each one adopted a holier-than-thou approach and dared each other ‘how will you form a government without our support? First decide who is true and who is false, who is right and who is wrong! Now the question is, who should decide?

There are only two actors in this drama. Between these two, one terms itself to be the truth and the other as false while the other character is calling itself true and the first one false. This kind of attitude has led to the political brinkmanship and soured the relationship between the traditional allies! Had there been a third actor, then it could decide who is heavier on the scales of truth and who has held the flag of lies! But there is no third actor! Over a period of time, these two actors have been behaving like inseparable twins but they don’t mind even pulling the other’s tail and twisting it if needed. So the matter has become a tad serious!

Well, this is a political issue and what have people got to do with it? But even in normal life, it is clear that the whole business of life runs on truth. If it is broadcast about someone that he does not have credibility, then people stop dealing with him. Parents also teach children that one should always tell the truth. Lies should be avoided. Teachers also teach the same. So naturally the public also expects political parties that they should not rely on falsehood. However, it is ingrained in the minds of people that politicians do not speak the truth! Inspired by politicians, a poet even wrote a song – Zoot Bole Kawwa Kate, Kale Kawwe Se Dariyo. Main Maike Chali Jaungi..!

But for the first time it has happened that the matter of truth and falsehood has come to light. Devendra Fadnavis says that Uddhav Thackeray does not pick up the phone. Uddhav Thackeray accuses him of calling him a liar, so “why should I pick up the phone?” So it means that there is a battle between truth and falsehood here. The question of how the two allies came to blows is also entangled in the web of truth and falsehood. Everyone has their own sagas to narrate. Everyone has their own stuff to parade!

Now the poor voter is confused and feels that both of them should remain in power for five years and provide a stable government. The ideology is one, the thinking is the same, they share the same voter base, yet their relationship has got soured! Truth and falsehood threw cold water on the mandate of the people. What does it mean to them that the farmer is dying. Many projects are incomplete. The economic and social situation in Maharashtra is far from satisfactory. It is important for them to call off their so-called battle on the truth and falsehood. But who should face the reality?

So this battle could not be decided and President’s rule was imposed! Even before this, President’s rule was imposed twice. In the first instance it continued for 112 days and then for 33 days. Right now the public is keeping an account of how many days this rule will last this time! The public is also looking at where the promise of solidarity of power which the alliance had promised it has gone.

The MLAs who have been elected are afraid as to what will happen to them if elections are held again? They cannot leave the capital! If they leave for their home constituencies and if something happens here, they too will be caught in the web of truth and falsehood! The fact is that the condition of the farmers is going from bad to worse. The political bigwigs are pretending to be much concerned about the welfare of the farmers and are rushing to inspect the damage caused by the unseasonal rains.

Even those who do not know anything about farming have become the leaders of the farmers and are trotting back to their constituencies out of fear of losing sympathy and support of their voters. However, the fear of elections is haunting everyone. Jumping into the fray again and again is not a joke. One has to sweat day and night to win an election. So everyone is feeling that the government should be formed and it should sustain for five years. They don’t mind if the parties as diametrically opposed to each other as India and Pakistan come together for forming the government.

Meanwhile, the voter is singing a parody song. Uff.. Sach Aur Zoot Ne Lo Hame Maar Dala..!


Now only they know who between them is telling the truth and who is lying! But the saga of truth and falsehood has definitely spoiled their relationship. The public is confused as to why this war over power-sharing broke out despite giving a clear mandate? Right now the answer is missing.


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