Dear Nagpurians, Good morning!

Media Coverage | 27-03-2023

Many cities fascinate me because of their beauty, cleanliness and elegance. But these days while I go around the streets of my city, this thought keeps coming to my mind again and again:

Kitna khoobsurat chehra hain tumhara,

Ye dil to bas deewana hain tumhara,

Log kehte hain Chand ka tukda tumhe,

Par main kehta hun Chand bhi tukda hain tumhara!

The heart of India is located in Nagpur. Everyone would be envious of this city’s rich historical and cultural heritage. The beautiful and distinct shade that the city has emerged with for the C20 meeting as a part of India’s G20 presidency, is enchanting. Nobody would have expected this! Too much work in too little time! However, the son of this city and deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavisji exerted his influence and the state government released ₹170 crore, while the Nagpur Municipal Corporation provided

₹30 crore. The divisional commissioner Vijayalakshmi Bidari, city police commissioner Amitesh Kumar, municipal commissioner Radhakrishnan B, district collector Dr Vipin Itankar, NIT chairman Manoj Kumar Suryawanshi, Zilla Parishad CEO Saumya Sharma and superintendent of police, Nagpur rural, Vishal Anand Singuri weaved such an effective web of harmony and coordination that the dream to beautify the city came true. The officials and their teams’ efforts enhanced the grandeur of the city. The visitors were all critical minds, but the arrangement was so magnificent that no room was left to raise any voice of criticism. Be it a city intersection or a natural environment for roadside stroll, the creation was such that all our guests were overwhelmed by the aura of the city. They were all praise for the city and its beauty! Indeed, all the officials and all the employees of the local bodies deserve hearty accolades for the best coordination, harmony and dedication in enhancing the beauty of the city.

The Lokmat Media Group has always believed that we should be proud of our city, its heritage and beautify it so that everyone can chant, “Desh Ki Shaan, Nagpur

Meri Jaan”. With these proud ideas, the Lokmat Media Group composed an anthem for Nagpur, which was dedicated to the people last month in Nagpur by the home minister of the country Amit Shah. I have a request to all of you that it is not the responsibility of the officials only to take care of the new beauty that the city has been endowed with. It is our responsibility more than theirs. It’s our turn now. You can do this with small efforts. Keep your surroundings clean, do not spit on the road or dump trash on it. Do not occupy the footpaths and dissuade others from doing so too. I visited Indore a few months back. A friend from Indore I was walking with tossed a piece of paper on the road on purpose. A motorcyclist approaching from behind grabbed the piece of paper and overtook us, politely saying, “Don’t litter our city, sir!” I was surprised. This is called caring for your city and feel proud of it. Let us make Nagpur as clean and tidy as Indore, and ensure that our city is on top in the country. I urge the authorities to build footpaths, keep them free from encroachments and construct public lavatories. Only you have the capacity to make Nagpur the number one neat and clean city, like Indore! So, what are you waiting for? Let us begin the campaign today! Decorate your homes with flowers and leaves, and plant some trees… this is our city… sing with pride and joy, “Nagpur Meri Jaan, Nagpur Meri Shaan”.

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