Dr Ambedkar’s thoughts needed to make watchful citizens: Darda

Media Coverage | 27-03-2023

Says Vijay Darda during international meet on Buddhism

“Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar said that we are Indians first and Indians in the last too. So be proud to be an Indian. People should believe in deeds instead of luck. They should become active by leaving aside apathy. If the youths imbibe these thoughts of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, then they will be able to become good citizens. These aware citizens will take initiative to solve the problems of not only the country but of the world,” said chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda.

Sanghkaya Foundation, Nagpur and Pali Prakut Department of Dr Ambedkar College had jointly organised an international conference on Buddhism at an auditorium at Deekshabhoomi.

He was speaking while inaugurating this conference. President of Sanghkaya Foundation Bhante Prasheel Ratna, Dr Sushant Meshram, Bhante Rupesh, Bhante Ratnasara and Mithunkumar were present as the chief guests.

Vijay Darda said, “Even though I am a follower of Jainism, I am a follower of Dr Babasaheb by thoughts. Both Jainism and Buddhism give the message of non-violence and humanity. Both religions teach to stay with nature. They teach us to stay away from various rituals. Both the religions are contemporary. The idea of both is to make a human a human. If every one adopts the concept of ‘Live and Let Live’, then there will be no worry. If a law is made to treat people’s representatives in government hospitals, then health facilities can be improved.”

Bhante Prasheel Ratna in his speech said that the idea of taking a joint meet of Jainism and Buddhism in Mumbai is going on. On this, Vijay Darda appealed to organise this conference in Nagpur.

The Abhidhamma of Tathagat Buddha, analysis of various personalities, Abhidhamma and Pradnya and psychological dimensions of Abhidhamma were discussed during this conference. Dr Balchandra Khandekar, Dr Malati Sakhre, Dr Surjit Singh, Dr Talat Praveen, Dr Shalini Bagde and others participated in the discussion.

Chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha, Vijay Darda being felicitated with a memento and Bodhivruksha by the president of Sanghkaya Foundation Bhante Prasheel Ratna while Dr Sushant Meshram, Bhante Ratnasara and Mithunkumar look on during an international conference on Buddhism at Deekshabhoomi in the city on Sunday.

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