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How can GDP of a nation whose health is not good, be healthy?: Darda

 Media Coverage  |  15-05-2021

  • Removing fear from people’s mind, rekindling confidence crucial
  • JITO Covid helpline launched by Lokmat Media, JITO ROM Zone

The national president of Sakal Jain Samaj, former member of Rajya Sabha and chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Vijay Darda categorically stated that unless a country spent 5 per cent of its total GDP on healthcare, the health of its system cannot be restored. And unless the system is streamlined, what can you do and how will you do things. If the nation’s health is good, its economy will flourish. If the health is not good, what will be the condition of the economy?, he asked.

He called upon the doctors and all the service organisations to help out people and also remove fear from their minds. Rekindle confidence in them that nothing will happen to them. What is required is a sensitive mind. Only then will we be able to help the society. He appreciated the JITO helpline project and expressed confidence that the people will get a lot of relief from it. It will instil confidence in them. The helpline is a very useful thing. It has to be used very carefully. Many people started the helpline. But we received a lot of complaints against them. There is hardly any appreciation for the good work. But if there is a slight mistake, all hell breaks loose. Not only JITO, every organisation is ready to work round the clock for any good work.

On Tuesday, JITO Covid helpline was launched at a webinar organised by Lokmat Media and JITO ROM Zone, a voluntary social service organisation. The secretary general of IMA, national headquarters, New Delhi, Dr Jayesh Lele, Maharashtra Medical Council, Mumbai, president Dr Shivkumar Utture, general manager of Lokmat Media, Pune, Milan Darda, JITO Apex, Ahmedabad, chairman Ganpatraj Chowdhary, JITO Apex, Pune, vice chairman Vijay Bhandari, JITO Apex, Chennai, president Suresh Mutha, JITO Apex, Bangalore, vice president Paras Bhandari, JITO Apex, Goregaon, Mumbai, secretary general Hitesh Doshi, JPF, Nashik, chairman Ajay Bohora, JPF, Nashik, director in-charge Milind Shah, ROM Zone, Pune, chairman Kantilal Oswal, ROM Zone, Pune, chief secretary Ajay Mehta, webinar coordinator Dr Rajan Sancheti, JITO Apex, Pune, chairman Omprakash Ranka and JPF, Nashik, zone project convener Dr Atul Jain were prominent among those present. JLW zone convener, Pune, Sangeeta Lalwani Runwal introduced Vijay Darda during the webinar.

Darda said this helpline will prove to be helpful in boosting the morale of the Covid-19 positive patients and their families. It will offer them better guidance. Fear and panic have gripped many people due to Covid infection. The main reason for this fear is increasing cases of infections and deaths. The vaccine is very effective to save us from this crisis. But the shortage of vaccines is being felt everywhere.

Due to lack of vaccines, a situation of confusion and fear is being created among the people. He said there was a time when vaccine manufacturing companies were awaiting approval in our country.

But they were ignored. America vaccinated the entire country. In the current system, the helpline is an effective measure and plays a very important role. With the starting of the helpline, it is important to maintain human dignity. It should be ensured that everyone gets help on time. The effect will be that people will get relief. Trust will be built in them. He assured that the Lokmat family will stand by the organisation in this humanitarian project. ROM Zone, Pune, chairman Kantilal Oswal made the welcome address. JPF, Nashik, chairman Ajay Bohora gave information about the forum and organisation. The online webinar was conducted by Milind Shah. Atul Jain proposed a vote of thanks.

How to get help

To get help through the JITO Covid helpline launched by Lokmat Media and JITO ROM Zone to help patients with home isolation, all you need to do is just type ‘R’ on your mobile and Whatsapp it on 9324982020. The helpline service will continue from 9 am to 9 pm. Please don’t call this number.

Mantra to deal with pandemic

Planning, control, surrender and abstinence are said to be very necessary to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. On its own, not only Covid but any major crisis can be won and dealt with. The main reason behind the deaths occurring during the second wave of Covid-19 infection is the lack of planning and fear, which has brought the situation to this level.

Pointed questions for govt

Darda also posed sharp questions to the state government. He said in case of any untoward incident in a private hospital, action is taken against the doctor, director and staff there. The police immediately arrests them. But these things are ignored in government hospitals. Why so?. He gave examples of incidents that took place in places like Bhandara, Mumbai and Nashik, etc. Country is one. People are one.

Laugh and make others laugh!

Darda said this period is such that we all have forgotten to laugh while today we all need to laugh. There is no one else to make us laugh, but we have a friend with whom we talk openly.

He can say anything fearlessly. Laughing and getting others to laugh change the chemical composition of the mind.

Community work is inspirational

Darda praised the noble mission of this service organisation of the Jain community. He further said the work of the organisation is genuinely inspiring for other people and organisations. This great work should appear in the form of a written document. A coffee table book should be made. It will not only encourage the Jain community but also inspire other communities.

MMC permission

Addressing the webinar, Dr Shivkumar Utture, president of Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), stated that setting up the helpline was the need of the hour. He further said it is starting at a time when it is really needed. Due to increasing caseload, the medical staff is under tremendous stress. There is an acute shortage of medical personnel not just in Maharashtra, but throughout the country. More than 80 per cent to 85 per cent of staff is either asymptomatic or has no symptoms. But due to fear, they had to be hospitalised. The last 14 months have been very tough for the entire healthcare sector. The third wave will also be extremely excruciating. Hopefully, we will all win the war against the virus. The organisation is ready for all possible help. However, the organisation is not legally authorized for online consultation. But the council is granting you permission.

Pandemic creates huge stress on system

Dr Jayesh Lele said at this time there is an atmosphere of fear and panic among the people. The helpline will be helpful in removing the fear associated with the pandemic. It will help build self-confidence in patients. They will get relief. This webinar will be effective to deal with the third wave. People will get counselling.

Important to implement the plan

Suresh Mutha said when we are faced with a problem, our brain immediately starts trying to find a solution to that problem. Thinking and achieving are different things, but the most important thing is to implement it. He said he is ready to extend any further cooperation that will be required in the future. This project needs time. Helping and guiding people in this hour of crisis is an important task.

Must cherish instinct to give

Darda said wherever the word Jain is referred to, it signifies service to humanity. When it comes to service, it is not a matter of donation of money but a matter of instinct. An instinct that is ready to donate everything. Lokmat Media has always honoured such people who have given up everything in the service of the society by awarding them at the Lokmat Maharashtrian of the Year Awards ceremony. Be it Dr Rohitdas Bodse of Sassoon or Zaffarbaba Sayyad of Kolhapur or a woman employee of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Dr Sidheshwar Birajdar of Ambejogai in Beed district or Dr Alka Jatkar of Nagpur who was instrumental in ensuring safe delivery of over 250 Covid-19 positive pregnant women or one more doctor from Mumbai Padma Shri Dr Lahane, they were all awarded for their outstanding social commitment.

Announcement of assistance of Rs 11 lakh

During the webinar, chairman of JITO Apex, Ahmedabad, Ganpatraj Chowdhary said the helpline is the need of the hour. This pandemic has increased the stress on our medical staff and infrastructure and the helpline will help in reducing it. He announced to donate an amount of Rs 11 lakh for the initiative being undertaken by IMA to help doctors.

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