Visiting nature key to good health

 Media Coverage  |  12-04-2021

Says Vijay Darda during a webinar organised by Naveda Wellness

Meha Sharma
Lokmat News Network
Hong Kong, April 11

Lokmat editorial board chairman and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda has said that visiting nature is the key to good health and emphasised on the importance of sound sleep and laughter.

The Naveda Wellness Group director Lal Daryanani will be celebrating his birthday on April 15 and to celebrate the occasion, the group had started a campaign from January.

The group had conducted 12 webinars and the last one among them was held recently with some special guests from India and abroad.

With “80 is the new 50” as the topic, the webinar was attended by people from more than 50 countries.

The Guest of Honour Vijay Darda called the event a life changing webinar and said, “Natural cure, ayurved and yog purifies the heart and soul. When you are pure from inside, it reflects on the face”.

Darda called Lal Dayanani, “A true Indian, a lively person and a dependable friend” .

Lal Daryanani also expressed his gratitude to Suresh Dada Jain and Vijay Darda for being part of the webinar.

The webinar was attended by Ekta International Co Ltd, Taiwan CEO Dilip Amarnani, Malaysia Tower Running Association president Ravinder Singh, sports nutritionist & marathoner, Hong Kong, Darshan Parekh, Children TV program, host and author, Hong Kong Harry Wong and Unique You Career, Brussels director Alisha Ali.

Naveda Wellness CEO Veena Dansinghani said, “Naveda is the first Integrated Wellness Centre in Hong Kong that offers ‘Made in India’ products and services that combine ancient Hindu Vedic mantras with modern, science-based naturopathy. The ‘Hindu Vedic Living Mantra’ is taken from the four Vedas of ancient India”.

You can’t guess how old Lal Bhai is

Chief guest of the event, Suresh Dada Jain, former Cabinet minister, Government of Maharashtra, said, “Once we were in China and were having dinner. We were fighting over the bill and then I said okay, whoever is older will pay the bill. When I checked the passport, to my surprise he ( Lal Daryanani) was older than me. That’s how young he looks.”

In 1991, a research was conducted at Hong Kong University to provide scientific validation to ‘gharelu upchaar’ as medicine.
— Dr Sanjay Nagarkar,
scientist, Institute of Learning and Development, Hong Kong

More and more Eastern culture is moving towards the West. My mission is to make people look at life holistically, with career being the central part.
— Alisha Ali,
director, Unique You Career, Brussels

The age factor can not be attached to the universe, Mother Earth, Sun, air, water or fire. Your life span may not be more but take the maximum benefits out of it and give out to the world.
— Jagdish Bramta,
founder JIVA Balance

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Visiting nature key to good health


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