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Imperative to develop quality sports facilities: Vijay Darda

 Media Coverage  |  04-08-2022

Expresses satisfaction over facilities at international standard stadium at Talegaon

Education and sports are two sides of the same coin. Education leads to intellectual development while the students gain physical fitness through sports. Since physical fitness is also important for intellectual development, there is a need to create quality sports facilities along with ensuring the best quality education for the overall development of students. Sports creates a sense of collective spirit as well as teamwork and helps build the trait to take everyone along, said the chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda.

The Innovative Minds School of Excellence at Talegaon (Shyamji Pant) organised the induction and investiture ceremony for the students of academic session 2022-23. Vijay Darda presided over the ceremony. The director of Innovative Minds School of Excellence and manager of Rajasthan Royals Romi Bhinder, director of school Dr Neeta Adhau, principal Gaurav Channe and young entrepreneur Rahul Shridharrao Thakre were seated on the dais.

Addressing the ceremony, Vijay Darda said Krantisurya Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule opened the first school for girls in Pune. It is important for everyone to adopt that ideal and always work with the feeling of contributing something to the society.

It is through such works that a person learns the lessons of life and gains strength to work in any field. I have experienced this in my own life. Students from rural areas like Talegaon, Ashti are studying here. The work of preparing them for the future challenges is being done through Innovative Minds School of Excellence. There is no doubt excellent players and citizens will come out of this school, he added.

During the ceremony, head boy Riddesh Raut, head girl Mahi Rathi and four others were awarded medals. Akshay Kale and Arya Chandekar conducted the proceedings while Ravi Shah proposed a vote of thanks. The ceremony was attended by teachers, non-teaching staff and students of the school.

Vijaybabu pillar of strength for many:

Romi Bhinder

Vijay Darda who is an alert people’s representative who draws the attention of the government on various important issues, is a pillar of strength for many. Vijaybabu had organised the Late Jawaharlal Darda District Level Cricket Tournament at Yavatmal in 1990. I played cricket for the first time in this tournament. For me, it was a memorable moment of holding the bat, thanks to Vijaybabu. He also encouraged me during the Nagpur University cricket tournament. Vijaybabu is continuously working to promote sportsmen and sports in the country. By organising kabaddi matches at places like Yavatmal 30 years ago, he took the initiative to bring in national leaders, actors and people’s representatives to produce good players. That is why today I am proud to say that kabaddi has reached the Olympics. Vijaybabu also took the initiative of providing proper guidance and help to many organisations. It is a matter of pride for us that he came to this institution today, said Romi Bhinder.


International level stadium in Talegaon

Romi Bhinder from Talegaon has achieved success through a lot of struggle. He created his universe from scratch. He promoted the game in a big way after taking charge as the manager of franchise cricket team Rajasthan Royals. In rural areas like Talegaon, he built an international standard stadium named MSD 7 (Mahendra Singh Dhoni). Vijay Darda went around this stadium and expressed satisfaction after seeing the facilities. Vijay Darda said this stadium will benefit not only Wardha district but the entire country. On this occasion, Bhinder felicitated Vijay Darda by presenting him with a cup.

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