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India will have to be more alert against China

  By Vijay Darda | 30-10-2017

Soon after re-election as Prez, Xi Jinping told military commanders’ meeting – the army should be ready for war!

As expected, Xi Jinping was elected President of China again. But more important than that is the fact that the party has incorporated Xi Jinping’s ideology into its constitution. This has elevated Xi Jinping to the stature of the party’s founder Mao Zedong and the subsequent leader Deng Xiaoping.

Before knowing what ideas are included in the party constitution, let us know what Jinping did after his re-election as President. It is important to know that Jinping is not only the President of China but also the head of the Chinese army and party. On Thursday, he addressed a meeting of the Central Military Commission, which comprises top commanders of the army. At this meeting, Jinping said the army should be ready for war. He did not say against which country the war is to be waged but it is being said that India is on its target at the moment. He must have been pained that despite having 23 lakh soldiers and officers in the army, India browbeat China in Doklam and forced it to retreat. As for the Indian Army, there are about 12 lakh soldiers and officers.

However, Jinping asked Chinese military commanders to focus more on how to win the war. Immediately after this meeting, the Chinese defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqing issued the statement that Jinping’s plan would be fully implemented and every order would be followed. India should be cautious with this attitude of Jinping because the cracks between the two countries can now turn into a conflict.

As a matter of fact, Jinping is working on long-term plans. He is working on spreading trade and business all over the world and for that a strong grip on the Indian Ocean is very important. At present, India is a big power in the Indian Ocean and Indian Navy is more powerful than Chinese navy. Jinping, who realises this deficiency of his country is taking steps to strengthen the navy. His military is 23 lakh strong and he has presented a blueprint whereby he has stated that the Chinese military is shorter by 3 lakh. It is obvious that he wants to reserve it for strengthening the navy. Obviously, he has taken this step by keeping India in mind. India has made it clear that if the presence of Chinese military increases in the Indian Ocean, the latter should clearly guarantee that it will not be against Indian interests.

Another important thing is that China has a lot of missiles, but in that proportion there is no aircraft carrier. Defense experts believe that it is because of this reason that China has not become aggressive right now. Jinping is desperate to change this situation too. China is engaged in mobilising such an aircraft carrier. He wants to acquire such a military strength that no one can dare challenge it. And when there will be ‘no Doklam’ in such a situation, it will be able to expand wherever it wants.

Indeed, it is not just India but all Asian and other countries of the world which need to be wary of Jinping. Now China is much stronger at the domestic level and it will apply full power to maintain its strong hold on the world. Their One Belt One Road (OBOR) proposal envisages industrialisation from Central Asia, Central Europe to Africa. China has clearly stated that it will lead the development of entire Asia. Obviously, China is not there to do charity. It has designed the policy of expansionism so that it could compete with America. In Asia, other countries can be completely overturned. Now you see that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which Jinping has started, passes from very close to India’s Kashmir. What is the guarantee that China or Pakistan will not use this route militarily? It is a plan to surround India directly. The railway line which China has laid up to Tibet is proposed to be extended up to the Nepal border. Unfortunately, Nepal is getting attracted towards it.

Now, let’s take a look at the Xi Jinping principle that has been incorporated into the party constitution. It wants China to develop into a political and economic power as well as get a new identity in the world as a liberal and prosperous country by 2021. Right now, China’s economy is $11 trillion and Jinping wants to expand it to $18 trillion by 2023. If he succeeds in doing so, China will be the world’s largest economy. China is actually working on such a strategy that it can overshadow the US in every field and unquestionably become the world’s Chacha Chaudhary! The problem with the US is that at the moment its leadership is not strong at the domestic level. At present, there is no other way to prevent China’s economic imperialism. This is a challenging time, especially for India. We have to tread extremely cautiously.

Before I conclude…

I am in politics but I am often astonished by the bombastic talk of the politicians. Now for example Shivraj Singh Chouhan, referred to as mama (maternal uncle) by the children in Madhya Pradesh. He bragged about the roads in Madhya Pradesh in the US. In a seminar on the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum in Washington DC, he said the roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the streets of America! Dear brother Shivraj ji, you should have given a thought before making such a tall claim! I have visited the US many times and frequently travel to Madhya Pradesh. What will you do or say if some NRI or American who attended the seminar, really came to visit Madhya Pradesh?


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India will have to be more alert against China


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