Indian win in Jadhav case a diplomatic victory

  By Vijay Darda | 22-05-2017

Pak-China friendship is dangerous for us; we should befriend America but not at the cost of our Russian friends

I hail Prime Minister Narendra Modi, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and my friend and famous lawyer Advocate Harish Salve for the initial victory in Kulbhushan Jadhav case.

I congratulate the Prime Minister and the external affairs minister because they took a decision in a very diplomatic way on the sensitive issue. The Prime Minister must have pondered the question as to whom to send to the International Court of Justice at The Hague to plead the Jadhav case! He could also have sent the attorney general of the country Mukul Rohatgi. Normally the attorney general is present in the court on behalf of the government, but in this case, the Prime Minister and the external affairs minister did not worry about who would say what! He decided to send Harish Salve, who has brought glory to the country through his legal acumen.

Congratulations to Harish Salve because he has crowned the country with glory. In Jadhav case, he has also set a great example. Generally he charges huge fees. His fees are sometimes in crores too. In the Vodafone case, he got a fee of more than Rs 100 crores. In the instant case lawyer Harish Salve took only Rs 1 as a token fee. With this sacrifice, he has raised his personal respect; he has also set a benchmark in the field of advocacy. He is the son of a senior Congress leader NKP Salve and by his magnanimous gesture has brought laurels to him and his mother Dr Amberi. Likewise, he has brought glory to Nagpur where he spent his childhood.

By taking only Rs 1 as fee Harish Salve has sent the message that when it comes to the country, people are ready to make any sacrifice in any way. Young people sacrifice. When difficult times come, people come forward. This sacrifice by Harish Salve has also conveyed that the whole country stands as one in the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav. We all know that Jadhav has been trapped by Pakistan. He was abducted from Iran and the confession video that Pakistan is showing the world is nothing more than a facade. Forcibly, he has been made to confess to the crime. Had he really been a spy, would he confess? No spy ever confessed to spying. There is no doubt that Jadhav is innocent. He has become a victim of the ISI’s machinations.

I believe that the initial victory in the International Court of Justice in the Jadhav case is a big victory for India’s diplomacy and it can also help Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan’s domestic politics. By using this, he can put pressure on those people who keep on fuelling unrest. Everyone knows that there is no true democracy in Pakistan, where democracy is not being allowed to flourish by the army and the ISI and now the terrorists have also joined hands with them. The army and ISI enjoy unbridled power there. Terrorist organisations are dominating. Nawaz Sharif can abide by these court rulings. Nawaz Sharif should keep in mind that within two years he has to go before people in the elections. Two years later, Narendra Modi too has to seek people’s mandate afresh in the general election. There is a possibility that Sharif will win. At that time he will be more powerful. Then with Pakistan’s situation, he will be able to make better relations with Modiji.

My information is that they want to have a better relationship with India but China is a big obstacle in this. China does not want relations between India and Pakistan to improve. That’s a very big move. It has made America dependent for many things. It is building roadways from Asia to Europe for business. In Beijing last week, in the presence of 28 big leaders of the world and representatives from 120 countries, China announced a new Silk Route, and the amazing thing is that it has described it as the path of peace. This peace is actually a trick that is why India has not participated in it.

China is trying to join the Afghan peace process, selling warships to Bangladesh and giving arms and money to Pakistan. The deal of 30 fighter aircraft is almost complete. Here, in the case of terrorist Azhar Masood, it is vetoing in the United Nations against India. China has confused India’s friend Nepal too. Actually China knows that India is emerging as a superpower, so it is currently laying siege around India. Except Pakistan, our relations with other SAARC countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have always been cordial but in recent years the cordiality has declined. This situation is not right. If the country is worried then surely the Prime Minister must either be looking for some way or implementing the measure he finds best. I feel that he should send a positive message to the friendly countries and take the country into confidence vis-a-vis our relations with neighbouring countries like Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Another concern with diplomacy is that the people of this country fear that historically our most trusted and tested friend Soviet Russia is now going away from us? This concern has arisen because Russia and Pakistan are becoming closer. Pakistan and Russia have done manoeuvers a few months ago. We have to see where our international policy is headed to. There is no harm if we are going to be close to the US. We should have good relations with everyone but friendship with Russia is special though friendship with America can not be ignored in any case. For, whenever we are in trouble, Russia has supported us. We are battling China on one side and Pakistan on the other. In such a situation, the tried and tested old friend Russia must be with us!

Before I conclude…

I salute those girls of Gothada Tappa Dahna village in Rewari district of Haryana who forced the government to accept their demand. The girls were demanding the extension of school facility from 10th standard to the 12th standard, but no one was listening. Actually, the government rule in Haryana is that if there are 150 students in the 9th and 10th grade, then the school can be extended to 12th standard. In this village school, there were only 70 students in 9th and 10th standard, so the government was reluctant to accept the demand. The girls sat on dharna. The minister came and gave assurance but the girls said that the order must be issued! Within a week, the government had to give in. The school will now be teaching till the 12th standard. It is called passion for education! Hope this passion grips the whole country!


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Indian win in Jadhav case a diplomatic victory


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