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Global escalation is a warning bell

  By Vijay Darda | 07-08-2017

The US, Russia and China are engaged in proving their supremacy

The continuation of atmosphere of tension between different countries is nothing new. Many countries are also fighting against each other. In many countries of the world, civil war-like situation is prevailing, but some of them have brought about reconciliation and the situation has become normal. You will find many examples of sporadic incidents, but never after the World War II was such escalation of tension witnessed globally as is seen now. The equations between powerful countries are changing rapidly.

 In fact, it is all about the fact that three countries – the US, Russia and China – are engaged in proving themselves as a super power. Before 1991, the US and Soviet Union were two super powers in the world. The world was divided into two camps. After this, the Soviet Union got disintegrated and was replaced by Russia, but it did not have the status of a super power. The US remained the only super power and it still holds that status. But in the recent years Russia has made itself strong under the leadership of Putin and even China has emerged as a great power. Now both of them are executing all sorts of moves to prove themselves a super power. Russia and China have joined hands with each other behind the curtain to pull the rug from under the feet of the US.

Please note that a small country like North Korea is firing one ballistic missile after another and simultaneously saying that it can attack any city in the US anytime. Obviously, it has got the support and strength from China. The US is unable to do anything because if war breaks out, South Korea, which is living under its shadow, will be devastated. This is what China is looking for. It wants to stop the US from indulging in any kind of interference in the South China Sea by using North Korea as a tool. But will the US sit quiet? There is no chance because the US has to retain its status of being the world’s only super power. It can go to any extent to retain that title. Clearly, the possibility of a war between North Korea and the US can not be ruled out. The big question is what will China do in such a situation?

China and Russia have made another move. Wherever there are anti-US governments, both of them have made good penetration. For example, these two countries are openly supporting Syria and Iran because the US faces chronic hostility from Iran and the US is intent on the removal of Assad in Syria. Consider another example: Russia and China have used veto power against the US and its allies in the United Nations Security Council. China used veto power 6 times in Russia’s interest. Here, Russia used veto 11 times. In 2012, both of them used the veto against the UN’s four resolutions on Syria.

The US also understands this situation. Therefore, it has extended the hand of friendship towards India and India has reciprocated appropriately. But is it just the right step for India to join hands with the US? I believe that even if Russia is getting closer to China, it will not leave India. Russia and India are old and time-tested friends. Therefore, there is a need to further strengthen this friendship. The strengthening of commitment to the non-aligned movement initiated by Nehruji to take the country forward, is the need of the hour. We have to maintain friendship with Russia and also have friendship with the US. Our situation is such that we can not align with any one side! China has put Pakistan in its lap and is trying to surround us. If we remain close to Russia, it would be a bit difficult for China to harass us. The US is a new friend but it can not be fully trusted. We should not forget that only Russia had cooperated with us in the 1971 war. The US was then with Pakistan!

It was because of the trust on Russia and the relevance of non-aligned movement that after Nehruji, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi or even Atal Behari Vajpayee too did not change the policy and maintained independent identity of the country. The time is important for India as it is progressing economically fast. Many countries want to see India as a super power and are supporting it too mainly because it is a democratic nation. As for Russia and China, they are the countries of rulers. Moreover, India has always advocated for world peace.

After Donald Trump became the President, for some time it seemed that the relationship between the US and Russia could improve, but in a few days it became apparent that this kind of friendship is not going to happen. Russia was accused of trying to influence the US presidential election and the US Congress imposed many restrictions on Russia. Russia has also ordered more than seven hundred US diplomats to leave the country. Now the situation is that the US defence minister Ash Carter has categorically said the Russia is becoming a big challenge for his country. He has also said that in view of the aggression by Russia, the US defence ministry will propose a four-fold increase in the US defence budget for Europe. Now the amount is $78.09 lakh, which will be increased to $3.4 billion. This means that the war cry is becoming audible.

However, there is also a possibility of war. The way China and Pakistan are united, it is the biggest sign of danger for us. China is threatening us and Pakistan has kept waging proxy war against India. China also wants that Pakistan and India should go to war so that the latter will become weak. In fact, it is a tough time for our foreign policy and defence policy. We should be aware!

Before I conclude…

I am surprised by the news that we have released as much carbon dioxide by August 2 this year as the ocean and the jungles of the earth can digest in one year. This means whatever carbon dioxide we will release after that, it will exploit the stores of our resources. It is also said that considering the amount of resources we have been using at present, one earth will not be enough for us. We need 1.7 earths! Now there is no new earth available! Obviously, in our greed we are engaged in destroying the earth with great alacrity.


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Global escalation is a warning bell


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