Legacy of mentors being appropriated: Uddhav

Media Coverage | 07-07-2023

Sushilkumar Shinde, Prithviraj Chavan, Ashok Chavan remember Babuji, walk down memory lane

The identity you create as a person while occupying the seat of power is important. At present, the state is witnessing a bizarre situation where the very legacy of political mentors is being appropriated. Jawaharlal Darda alias Babuji is known as ‘Sangharshyatri’. Several ‘tours and travels’ promising to take people to Surat and Guwahati have mushroomed in the state. But the word ‘Sangharsh’ (struggle) is forgotten in these ‘yatras’, said the Shiv Sena (UBT) chief and former chief minister Uddhav Thackeray here on Thursday.

He was addressing the gathering during the concluding ceremony of the birth centenary year of veteran freedom fighter and founder editor of Lokmat Media Group Jawaharlal Darda alias Babuji.  On this occasion, the other distinguished guests too went down the memory lane and remembered Jawaharlal Darda alias Babuji.

Former chief minister and senior Congress leader Sushilkumar Shinde, former chief ministers Prithviraj Chavan and Ashok Chavan, life trustee of Jeevanvidya Mission Pralhad Wamanrao Pai, chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda also expressed their views. The editor-in-chief of Lokmat Media Group Rajendra Darda proposed a vote of thanks while Shweta Shelgaonkar conducted the proceedings.


‘There are many who want to be CM’

Uddhav said Maharashtra at present has many leaders who want to become chief minister. But when Congress was in trouble, Jawaharlal Darda stood firm with the party and that was his greatness. I have heard about Babuji from Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray. He served imprisonment for the country at the age of 19. We could live happily today because of his sacrifices and the hardships he faced. An ideology having nothing to do whatsoever, with the freedom movement is desperately trying to take control of the country. Congress declared a state of emergency in the country and committed excesses. I will not justify that. At that time, Shiv Sena had backed the Emergency as a ‘period of discipline’. However, after lifting the Emergency and deciding to hold elections, the same Congress allowed the opposition to campaign against it. Pu La (Purushottam Laxman) Deshpande, Durgabai Bhagwat started campaigning. However, in the prevailing situation in the country, no one is even allowed to speak. If someone tries to speak even after that, his voice is suppressed.


‘We don’t expect appreciation, but why defame us?’

Whenever we write the date of birth and date of death of any person, there is a line connecting the two. The line signifies the work done by that person during his lifetime, and that line of his work has to be carried forward by the next generation. Except for the post of chief minister, Babuji had the experience of working as a minister in almost all the ministries. But in my case, except for the post of chief minister, I have no experience of working in any other ministry. Make sure to dig out the corruption in the works carried out during the corona period, but do not forget that the whole world appreciated the Mumbai model of fight against corona. However, it takes a large heart to appreciate something and it is not expected from you. But why defame us? If you want to investigate Covid-related corruption, then investigate the expenditure incurred by all the states in the country as well as the PM Care fund too; find out how much money was received and who took it? We must deal firmly with the corrupt elements that plagued the fight against the pandemic. Instead of publishing news that wakes people up from slumber, the Lokmat Media Group should publish news that alerts people, said Uddhav Thackeray.


Four former chief ministers share dais!

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The biography titled ‘Jawahar’, which narrates the inspiring story of late Jawaharlal Darda alias Babuji’s life journey right from the moment he jumped into the freedom struggle with full patriotic spirit to free the country to the post-independence era wherein he made an invaluable contribution to society through his newspaper on the basis of policies and values, was released in Mumbai on Thursday in the presence of four former chief ministers.

While these senior political leaders walked down the memory lane reminiscing their association with late Jawaharlal Darda, they underlined the immense work done by the freedom fighters for society, the standards of moral conduct set by them and the practice of fair and impartial journalism.

They also emphasised how all such noble qualities are needed the most in the present situation. Thus, the ceremony was not only an intellectual treat, it also turned out to be a family function.

Although the programme was scheduled to start at 4 pm, the dignitaries had already started arriving at 3.15 pm.


Anecdotes, tongue-in-cheek remarks on current political situation in the country!

Chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda made the introductory remarks. Thereafter, the life trustee of Jeevanvidya Mission Prahlad Wamanrao Pai started his speech with a prayer. As the audience joined him in singing this prayer, the entire hall was filled with a spiritual vibe, giving a unique experience to all those present.

The audience had a unique and satisfying experience of having heard anecdotes and reminiscences of Jawaharlal Darda by the distinguished political and social leaders seated on the dais. Their witty remarks and quotes on the current political situation made the audience enjoy a unique blend of literature and politics.

Ruchira Darda has penned a book based on events from Babuji’s life. This book was also released on this occasion, which saw the entire Darda family appear on the stage. Many dignitaries captured the moment using their mobile phones. NCP president Sharad Pawar was also supposed to grace the event but he could not do so as he had to go to Delhi for an urgent meeting.


Babuji’s birth centenary year concludes with impressive ceremony

The concluding ceremony of birth centenary year of veteran freedom fighter and founder editor of Lokmat Media Group Jawaharlal Darda alias Babuji was held at Nehru Centre in Mumbai in the presence of eminent personalities on Thursday. The dignitaries released Babuji’s biography ‘Jawahar’ on the occasion. (From L) Former Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan, former Union home minister and former chief minister Sushikumar Shinde, editor-in-chief of Lokmat Media Group Rajendra Darda, author of the book Aparna Velankar, former chief minister and Shiv Sena (UBT) chief Uddhav Thackeray, chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda, former chief minister Ashok Chavan, group editor of Lokmat Media Group Vijay Baviskar and life trustee of Jeevanvidya Mission Pralhad Wamanrao Pai releasing Babuji’s biography ‘Jawahar’ during the ceremony. Prashant Kharote

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