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Readers light lamps of transformation on Lokmat’s 51st anniv

 Media Coverage  |  16-12-2022

People from all walks gather at Lokmat Bhavan for grand celebration

The 51st anniversary of ‘Lokmat’, which has raised the voice of people in Nagpur, Maharashtra and the entire country by carrying the flag of social transformation, was celebrated on Thursday by ordinary readers as well as social and political activists by lighting 51 lamps of transformation in a unique way.

Lokmat, started by the veteran freedom fighter and founder editor of Lokmat Media Group Jawaharlal Darda alias ‘Babuji’ on December 15, 1971, grew and blossomed by becoming closely associated with masses. The 51st anniversary also marks the birth centenary year of Babuji. As social consciousness and commitment have been nurtured by Lokmat for more than half a century, the lamps of transformation in the fields of security, education, health, unemployment, civic problems, environment, etc., faced by youth, women, senior citizens, disabled people, were lit in front of Lokmat Bhavan on Wardha road.

The grand event was held in the inspiring presence of the chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda.

At the outset, a cake was cut by  the senior member of the Lokmat family and former editor Kamlakar Dharap.

A large number of heads of departments of Lokmat, employees, colleagues and citizens of Nagpur were present in the area decorated with colourful balloons to mark the 51st anniversary of ‘Lokmat’. Meanwhile, readers from various places including Nagpur submitted problems and their solutions to Lokmat.

Ordinary reader is Lokmat’s strength: Vijay Darda expresses gratitude towards everyone

Lokmat achieved great success during its 50-year-old golden journey. However, this success did not come easily. The dedicated colleagues and employees working from the very beginning worked day and night to make Lokmat what it is today. Common readers are the biggest contributors to this success. They are the strength of Lokmat, said the chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda while expressing gratitude at the anniversary function. He said, “Founder editor of Lokmat Media Group and veteran freedom fighter Jawaharlal Darda alias Babuji started Lokmat with a thought. Babuji wanted Lokmat to come out of rural area and reach cities and be a part of the life of common people. Lokmat has covered Maharashtra and reached Goa as well as Delhi. Today happens to be the anniversary of Jalgaon and Delhi editions too, along with Nagpur. This journey was not easy. We had to fight for every news and every issue. The new generation needs to remember this struggle. Now Lokmat has become the voice of the people, their consciousness and a companion of their joys and sorrows. Therefore, Lokmat will never forget the people at the grassroots.” While expressing gratitude towards everyone who has contributed to the growth of Lokmat, Darda said this lamp of transformation will continue to spread its light. He also appreciated the contribution of his brother Rajendra Darda, and Devendra Darda, Rishi Darda and Karan Darda of the third generation. He praised the employees for their hard work during the difficult times of Covid-19 pandemic.

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