Who is aiding Nithyananda, after all?

   By Vijay Darda | 06-03-2023

Rape accused Nithyananda not only created a new island country but also ensured that his lover Vijayapriya attended UN meeting!

Vijay Darda

A youth studies mechanical engineering. Slowly he pretends to mould himself as a saint and one day declares himself God! Suddenly, his devotees surface in thousands and start glorifying him. Then comes a CD in which he is seen in a relationship with a famous heroine of South India. Soon, the list of complaints against him starts getting longer and longer. Subsequently, he is arrested and released only to flee this country. Some time later, the news trickles in that Baba has bought an island and created a new country called the United States of Kailasa. The matter does not end here. The representative of this ‘island nation’ attends two meetings of the United Nations and also asks questions!

Whatever that I just told you is not part of any film story! This is the story of Nithyananda, the self-proclaimed God of our own country! Many old stories had disappeared from our minds during the Covid pandemic. Nithyananda was one among them. No one had any news about him and no one was remembering him. Nithyananda again came to the limelight after two meetings of the United Nations last month. On February 22, the UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) organised a meeting on the participation of women in decision-making positions. The second meeting was held on  February 24 regarding the direction of development. Nithyananda’s lover Vijayapriya attended both these meetings as the representative of his island country named United States of Kailasa. She introduced herself as the permanent ambassador of Kailasa to the United Nations. Vijayapriya described Nithyananda as the supreme guru of Hinduism and asked what could be done to stop the persecution of Kailasa and Nithyananda.

During the meeting, Vijayapriya took pictures with many important personalities; these pictures went viral after she put them on the website of the self-proclaimed country Kailasa. When this created an uproar, the United Nations simply said it would ignore the words of the representative of the imaginary country of a fugitive Indian guru in its two programmes in Geneva because her speech was irrelevant! The question is, how did Nithyananda’s lover Vijayapriya manage to attend the UN meeting? It is being claimed that she reached there on the pretext of being an NGO’s representative but the name ‘United States of Kailasa’ is clearly seen prefixed with her name during the meeting! Can a person attend even an ordinary meeting of the United Nations without any registration and verification?

Surely Vijayapriya must have got help from somewhere. Let me narrate an incident that took place last year. Britain’s own newspaper ‘The Guardian’ had written that Nithyananda’s two representatives took part in the Diwali party of the House of Lords. One of them was Vijayapriya. Both of them were not only invited by two MPs of the Conservative Party but also introduced as Kailasa’s ambassadors to the UK, Canada and many other countries. The incident involving the United Nations came to the fore after the Diwali party episode. Obviously, someone is helping! Now, who is helping should also be probed because Nithyananda is a fugitive facing serious charges of rape and kidnapping in India.

Another big question is how could Nithyananda escape from India after being released on bail? He definitely had some powerful support! Let me give you an example of how influential he has been in the administrative circles in India. Nithyananda, who hails from South India, was accused of kidnapping two sisters whom he allegedly kept in his ashram in Gujarat. A female devotee, too, had alleged that Nithyananda had raped her. Surprisingly, the policemen who were investigating the rape and kidnapping by Nithyananda were booked under the POCSO Act. Those policemen were charged with showing obscene content to the children of Nithyananda’s ashram! What an argument, isn’t it? In such a situation, how could any policeman take action against Nithyananda? Who can arrest the person at whose feet even some political bigwigs prostrate? A chargesheet was also filed against him in 2018, but in 2019 the police admitted that he had disappeared! No one knew at the time where he actually was!

Then, the news flashed all of a sudden that fugitive Nithyananda had bought an island in the Republic of Ecuador in South America and established a country named the United States of Kailasa. Ecuador is bordered by Colombia to the North, Peru to the East and South, and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Ecuador though had denied that it had given shelter to Nithyananda, but the fugitive is believed to be there. His self-proclaimed country has its own flag, constitution, bank and national symbol too! He has not been seen since 2019 but his photographs and discourses are available on the website of Kailasa. The million dollar question is where is he getting the money from?

The self-styled godman has tried to show his strength by sending his representative to the UN meeting. Therefore, it is extremely important that he gets to understand the strength of India too. The UN should be categorically asked how Vijayapriya attended its meetings? Why this soft corner towards Nithyananda? Along with this, a serious introspection is needed at the administrative level to find out how any godman or a criminal or a swindler who loots the country financially manages to run away? What do our agencies do? These questions need answers. At the same time, it should be ensured that no one is able to deceive India.

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