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Citizens should take their responsibilities seriously to win war against Covid – 19

 Media Coverage  |  18-07-2021

Need to strengthen health infrastructure

The chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda said the Covid outbreak is in a way the third world war. It is reported that China has waged this biological war. There have never been more casualties than this epidemic. To win this war, the health infrastructure of the country will have to be strengthened. This will be possible only when the spending on health will be increased from two-three per cent of the total Budget to 10 per cent. This pandemic has taught us a lot. One should learn from this outbreak. The condition of all government hospitals and medical colleges will have to be improved. This will be possible only when it is made mandatory for the people’s representatives to use them. Otherwise the situation will not improve. During the second wave of Covid, the high courts as well as the Supreme Court played a crucial role. As a result, the second wave of Covid has been curbed. Now, special emphasis will have to be laid on vaccination. It is necessary to clear the confusion about the vaccine too. Bollywood has a great influence on our masses. Be it vaccination or wearing a mask, keeping physical distancing or washing hands, a comprehensive campaign should be launched with the effective involvement of Bollywood and Tollywood, Darda said.

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Citizens should take their responsibilities seriously to win war against Covid - 19


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