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Who will rein in the dragon?

  By Vijay Darda | 07-09-2020

Having become a threat to the world, China is now sending mysterious seeds to other countries after its suspicious role vis-a-vis Covid-19

All of you must have read about the dreaded Kalia Nag (serpent) in our mythology. The lake in which it lived had become so poisonous that even the birds and animals passing over it used to die. Even the river Yamuna had become poisonous due to its venom. Lord Krishna jumped into that lake. Kalia Nag had a hundred heads. When Krishna crushed him, Kalia Nag realised its mistakes. In today’s context, China wants to subjugate the whole world just like Kalia Nag. Besides being the world’s second largest economy, it is equipped with all the resources of genocide like atomic bombs and biological weapons. There is no existence of dignified human life or human rights in China. In 1989, it had used tanks to crush the student protests and ruthlessly killed them for demanding a democratic set-up in the country.

If such a country loses even one lakh soldiers due to its misadventure, what difference will it make to it? But can democratic countries like the US, Japan or India think so? We can’t think so because we know the worth of human life and human values. China is exactly the opposite. It has no faith in the philosophy of ‘live and let live’. It has banned temples, mosques and churches. It has sent off Lord Buddha from its soil. It’s fraught with cunningness and fraud. On one hand, it pretends to negotiate with India and on the other hand plays a bloody game of grabbing our land on the border. It talks to our defence minister Rajnath Singh in Russia, the next day it says it will not cede even an inch of land. It is clever and devious like a demon. The question is how to overcome such a country.

Here I want to make it clear that I have no malice towards the citizens of China. They are my friends. I remain worried for them because the dictatorship of the People’s Party of China has made the lives of the people there hellish. It has suppressed the electronic and the print media so that the real news does not reach the citizens. I am opposed to the demonic government that has imprisoned more than one million Uyghur Muslims. It has got the small countries of the world in a debt-trap by liberally distributing loans to them. The question is, who will save these countries from its grip? Now the debt-ridden countries have no alternative but to support it. In such a situation, how will big countries fight China? At present, in at least 100 countries of the world, dictators masquerading as democrats are sitting in the lap of China.

China is openly supporting the terrorists. If we want Hafiz Saeed to be declared as a terrorist in the United Nations Security Council, China imposes a veto. Is it easy to fight China like this? The amazing thing is that despite the atmosphere turning against China in the whole world, it is browbeating everyone. It has crossed swords with the US. It is trying to usurp Taiwan like Tibet.

It is fighting with Japan. There is a ruckus in the South China Sea and the Red Sea. Here, it has created is a war-like situation on the Indian border. India is acting with restraint, otherwise a war would have already started. China has been messing with Europe, its approach is the same with Australia. On the Hong Kong issue, it directly violated the agreement with Britain but no one could save Hong Kong.

A new case of China’s antics has come to the fore. Many people in various states of America received unopened packets which read ‘ornaments’. When people opened it, they found various types of seeds in it. As soon as the US government came to know of this, it started collecting these seeds and asked people not to sow it. After this, similar packets have been received in other countries. India has also issued an advisory regarding this last week. But it is difficult to understand how the seed packets reached other countries because there is no permission to carry any seed or plant from one country to another. China has kept silent on this matter. It has only said that it is investigating the case. You may recall that when wheat was sent to our country by the US in the period of starvation, red wheat seeds also came with it. Today due to the presence of ‘carrot grass’ in our millions of hectares of land, it has become non-cultivable. With this action of China, it seems that it wants to destroy the fertile land of other countries of the world. It’s a form of bio-warfare on the sly.

I do not understand how the world will control China, which is becoming uncontrollable. I want to congratulate the US, which has shut its business to a great extent. India has also taken some steps with restrictions on Chinese apps, but will China mend its ways after all these measures? I don’t think it will mend its ways that easily! For this, it is necessary that the powerful nations of the world forget all their differences and unite and tighten the screws on China.


Being the second largest economy and military power has made China unbridled. Like a monster, it is trying to swallow everyone and everything. It has been facing allegations of spreading coronavirus in the world; now mysterious seeds are being sent to various countries from there. If China’s unbridled ways are not curbed soon, it will pose a grave danger to the world. The moot question is who will rein in the dragon?


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Who will rein in the dragon?


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