Why is France burning so badly?

   By Vijay Darda | 10-07-2023

Those who were granted asylum on French soil in the name of human rights became enemies

You must be wondering why France, known for its magnificent culture, excellent artistry, amazing artworks and wonderful literature, is so enraged over the death of a youth? Why are there so many incidents of arson in French cities? Why is government property being torched? The police are not able to quell these attacks. Hundreds of police officers have been injured. Even the outskirts of the important metropolis like Paris have come under attack.

For centuries, Paris has been known as the ‘Art Capital of the World’. Except for the time of revolution, this city is recognised as a cultured city. It is known for its grace and elegance. I’ve travelled to France several times. I have visited several cities including Paris. I am aware of the life there and therefore, I feel that people of French descent cannot perpetrate such riots. And this is the truth too. Most of the unrest started in those suburban areas of France that have dense populations and where people from other countries have settled. Many people have been living there for two generations. But the fact is that they have not assimilated French culture and want to dominate the society there. These include even those people whom France has granted asylum in the name of human rights. Instead of being grateful to France, such immigrants are hostile to its culture. France is paying for its own generosity.

Just imagine that if a youth is killed or murdered in a country, will a riot of such a huge proportion break out all of a sudden? On the 27th of last month, the police stopped 17-year-old Nahel of Algerian descent at a traffic signal. According to police, when he did not stop, shots were fired at his car and he was killed in the firing. In fact, a law enacted in 2017 allows the French police to shoot a car driver if he does not obey a stop order. On the basis of a viral video, the cops are being accused of intentionally shooting Nahel because he was not of French origin. Those making such allegations claim that 13 people killed in similar incidents last year were all of non-French origin. Even the drivers of the majority of 138 cars shot at by the police were not of French origin. I do not support firing in any form but the question is why immigrants disobey French laws?

Though the French President Emmanuel Macron has declared it a murder and the police officer in question has been arrested, the riots continue unabated. The main reason for this is that those people who intend to destroy France too have joined hands with the gangs of criminals and petty outlaws involved in running riot. However, the Alliance Police Union has chastised President Macron for declaring the police officer who shot at Nahel a murderer even before the court’s decision.

If you look at the immigrant workers’ settlements around the cities of France, one thing becomes clear that education is of least interest for the people living in these areas. These areas are home to almost 50 lakh people. Some have been living for many generations while others have arrived only recently. Police encounters with criminals keep happening in these areas. You will be surprised to know that every year more than 5,000 security personnel are injured and dozens of them are killed in these actions too. A similar incident happened in 2015 as well. Two youths were electrocuted but for that too, the police were held responsible that they were chasing them! Nicolas Sarkozy, who was the President at the time, declared those youths criminals and warned that such elements would be eliminated. After his statement, riots erupted in France.

This time, the Macron government is on the back foot and despite taking action against the police, the situation is out of control. The protesters have targeted schools, town halls and police stations around France, informed the French interior minister Gerald Darmanin on Twitter. Several cars and government buildings have been destroyed. All this is happening when more than 45,000 jawans of the security forces are trying to contain the rioting. Instead of being afraid, the criminals are attacking the security personnel. The mayor’s house was attacked in the Paris suburb of L’Hay-les-Roses. The mob torched his car. When the mayor’s wife and children tried to escape, they were attacked too.

The fire raging in France reached Belgium as well, but the government there has been successful in controlling it. I believe that people of other nations should be allowed to live in the host country to protect human rights, but the intention of those allowed to resettle should also be looked into. France failed to take care of this issue and is facing the consequences. The situation in France should serve as a lesson to other such countries too. Vigilance is crucial.

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