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Why quibble when border is tense?

   By Vijay Darda | 30-01-2023

Let’s learn lessons from past incidents but remaining stuck in them will do no good

Vijay Darda

The BBC documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’ has created an uproar in several parts of the country over the last few days. This documentary is based on the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Although it has been blocked on YouTube and Twitter, those who had downloaded it are trying to share and screen it at different places, which is causing tension. We already have problems aplenty. Disruptive forces are trying to foment trouble in the areas bordering China, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and in Maldives. So when our borders are tense, is it wise to quibble among ourselves?

It is not just about Gujarat. Riots put the entire humanity to shame, irrespective of which part of the country or the world they occur. However, the biggest question at the moment is why BBC made this documentary almost two decades after the Gujarat riots. It is claimed that this documentary is based on some report of Britain’s foreign ministry. What was the need for Britain to poke its nose into India’s internal matter? Doesn’t this create some kind of apprehension? Indian courts have already given their verdicts on Gujarat riots. What was the need for the BBC to bring out this documentary then? Is the making of this documentary just an incident or someone’s well-thought-out conspiracy? There is an old saying that it is easy to make streaks of others shorter to keep your own bigger. Some foreign forces are adopting the same path to create hurdles for India. It is natural that we will be troubled when there is unrest in the country!

Such developments create unrest in our country, be it about this documentary or The Kashmir Files or the riots after Indira ji’s assassination or the other documentaries and films made on such incidents. What was the need for making The Kashmir Files after two and a half decades? I think we should remember the incidents of the past only to take lessons from them and not scratch old wounds and make them bleed again! Such squabbles divert the fresh and energetic minds of our new generation and sow the seed of hatred in them. The development of the country will stop if our youths get trapped in such a vicious circle. That’s what our enemies want!

India is at present moving fast on the path of progress. We have replaced Britain to become the fifth largest economy in the world and the country is on its way to becoming the third largest economy very soon. Our youths are dominating the IT industry all over the world. We are constantly trying to alleviate poverty. We are creating means of employment and bringing girls into the mainstream. All barriers are being broken and efforts are being made to strengthen the spirit of equality. We all know that a lot of strength is needed to move on the path of progress. We get this strength from education, economic power and intelligence. We are leaving no stone unturned to get this strength and we are succeeding too. You will be proud to know that today about 40 lakh Indians live in the US and they are number one in terms of per capita income. The average per capita income of Indians in the US is $1,00,500 per year while that of the US citizen is only $55,000 to $60,000 per year. It is self-evident that the ability of Indians underlies this success. We have to take this potential forward within the country as well but some forces want to see the land of India in the grip of tension and soaked in blood. They export terrorism from outside and also indulge in muck-raking to revive the old spirits so that India is destroyed. They try to sow thorns in its path of development.

It is unfortunate that there are many such people among us too. Right from the removal of a chapter from the textbook to religion and caste, anything can create unrest! We have a plethora of such unrest to impede our progress. It is good if we are building a temple, but do not try to scuttle the efforts of others! Be it the case of the Jain pilgrim centre Palitana or the case of Shri Sammed Shikharji, which is troubling the Jain community, which has contributed a lot in making this country an economic power. Why is this peaceful community being hurt? When a film named Pathaan was released, some crazy people started talking about boycotting Shah Rukh Khan! If it is a film then accept it as entertainment. If you spread hatred in entertainment, it will destroy the country itself, won’t it? And whose country is this anyway? This country belongs to every Indian living under the protection of tricolour irrespective of their religion. Mother India is the mother of all of us and who doesn’t love his or her mother? A mother showers each of her children with love. She wants every son and daughter of hers to be cultured. Keep in mind that only going to religious places does not show that you are cultured. In fact, there is no culture greater than humanity.

It is the responsibility of all of us to keep our Mother India safe. We should ignore small quarrels. Remember what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi meant when he asked whether it was necessary to comment on every topic? He is absolutely right that unwarranted comments generate differences. The need is to share love. When Modi ji smiles holding the hand of Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge ji, a pleasant atmosphere is created. A unique message goes across the country. That’s why it is time to bury the old wounds and spread positive vibes around.

Today is the death anniversary of Gandhi ji who freed India from the clutches of the British. Hatred claimed his life. He gave the message of truth, non-violence, love, compassion and universal brotherhood not only to India but to the whole world. Don’t forget that you live in Gandhi ji’s country. This is the land of harmony. Say with pride, “Sare jahan se achha Hindustan hamara!”

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