Artists and art students collaborate at Portrait Workshop: Vasudeo Kamath

Media Coverage | 22-06-2023

Event organised to mark Babuji’s birth centenary concludes

For young artists, there is a need for collective brainstorming on the medium of art, current situation, future advancement, and future direction. Artists of many mediums cannot work alone; they must collaborate.

Lokmat’s workshop brought this about. During the two-day workshop, students met recognised, established, and emerging artists and exchanged artistic ideas, according to renowned painter Vasudeo Kamath.

A two-day Portrait Workshop organised by Jawaharlal Darda Foundation on the occasion of birth centenary of founder of Lokmat and veteran freedom fighter Jawaharlal Darda alias ‘Babuji’ concluded on Wednesday with various activities. Chairman of the editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda, and eminent drama artist Dr Vinod Indurkar were present. Earlier, Kamath demonstrated how to make a portrait in acrylic medium. After this, there was a free interaction between senior and young painters.

All three media, water colour, oil, and acrylic were explained. Kamath answered young artists’ questions regarding need for sketching, how to use and retain colours in different layers of a portrait or any painting, art education, art methods, today’s reality, and future contribution successfully. Making a portrait is similar to an artist reading a person. Observation rather than appearance enters the picture. He said a person’s face alone is not a portrait, depicting entire body is portrait.

Amit Gonnade, curator of Darda Art Gallery conducted the proceedings and proposed a vote of thanks.

Art is means of understanding

sensibility: Dr Vinod Indurkar

Any art can be used to understand human emotions, observed Dr Vinod Indurkar while addressing the second day of the workshop. He stated that while words had power, art was not a language. The concept itself is significant. Art begins with the concept. He stated that as an artist, it was impossible to work with emotion; intelligence was also essential. The concept and its presentation bring art to perfection. Art contains concepts, invention, and self-existence. He said he believed overcoming limitations is what distinguishes a great artist.

Chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda along with Vasudeo Kamath, Dr Vinod Indurkar, Amit Gonnade, other dignitaries and senior and junior artists on the concluding day of Portrait Workshop at Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery in Nagpur on Wednesday.

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