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‘Baba Tajuddin spread the message of communal unity’

   By Vijay Darda | 26-08-2022

Vijay Darda offers ‘chadar’ at Tajabad on centennial Urs

Vijay Darda

The chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda said on Wednesday that Baba Tajuddin was a great and revolutionary saint. He always talked about communal unity and connecting hearts. Millions of people who come here inspired by this spirit are filled with communal harmony and unity. On Wednesday night, on the 100th annual Urs of Baba Tajuddin, Darda offered a ‘chadar’ at Tajabad Dargah.

While wishing the devotees on the 100th annual Urs, Darda said Baba Tajuddin did not believe in caste, religion, creed, or colour. On his centenary festival, we are all proud to bow our heads and seek his blessings that fills us with energy.

Darda further said he was happy that the great saint Baba Tajuddin belonged to this city. People from all over the country come here and pay their respects. When Lata Mangeshkar was to come to Nagpur, she expressed a desire to visit the shrine. Great ghazal singer of Pakistan Ghulam Ali had said the same thing when he came here. Darda said his father, veteran freedom fighter Jawaharlal Darda alias ‘Babuji’, former ministers NKP Salve and Vasant Sathe also used to come here regularly to seek Baba’s blessings. They used to get inspiration from here to awaken the spirit of harmony, unity, and integrity among the people.

The former member of Rajya Sabha further said it was a happy coincidence that Baba’s Shatabdi Mahotsav and Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav are being celebrated together. The identity of the country is unity. Baba also strengthened this identity. Our national flag also binds us together, he added.

Darda said the chairman of Tajuddin Baba Trust Pyare Khan had earned a big name in the city with his hard work. “He is an inspiration to the people. Pyare Khan and other trustees had invited him to come here. But even if he had not been invited, he would have come and sought Baba’s blessings. Millions of followers who come here on the centenary year will carry the message of love, brotherhood, and spread brotherhood. I will try to follow the path of Baba Tajuddin,” he added.

Thousands throng Shahi Sandal of Baba Tajuddin

On the 100th annual Urs of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin, a Shahi Darbari Sandal was taken out from the Tajabad Trust office on Thursday as per tradition. Before the departure of Sandal, the dastarbandi of Syed Jarbir Taji and Sasyed Talef Taji were performed at the trust office.

On this occasion, Tajabad Trust chairman Pyare Khan, secretary Taj Ahmed Raja, vice president Dr Surendra Jichkar, trustees Burjin Randelia, Haji Farooq Bawla, Mustafa Topiwala, Haji Imran Khan and Gajendrapal Singh Lohia were present. Sufiana Kalam was read in the glory of Baba Tajuddin in the trust office. After this, Pyare Khan proceeded with sandal and chadar on his head and with this the royal Shahi Darbari Sandal came out.

A large number of devotees attended the Sandal. The Shahi Sandal passed through different streets. It was welcomed by showering flowers on behalf of various tanzims. Sweets, sharbat were distributed among the devotees along the way. Huge crowds gathered to see the Sandal. People worshipped Baba Tajuddin’s Sandal. In the evening, it reached Tajabad.


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