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Boris Johnson, Narendra Modi & India

   By Vijay Darda | 25-04-2022

India has been successful in maintaining an independent and strong image in the world, no one can dare ignore us

Vijay Darda

Just see how the world changes and how fast it does! Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain, which ruled our country until 75 years ago, comes to India on a two-day visit with great hopes and addresses our Prime Minister as a ‘special friend’. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks on a level-playing field with great pride. It makes us feel proud that today India stands as a strong and independent power in the world and no country can dare ignore us.
As far as Britain is concerned, it is the country that once ruled a large part of the world for a long time. The Sun never set over its empire. Even today, it is an important nation. Its voice is heard all over the world. When Boris Johnson came to India for two days, everyone was curious as to the purpose of his visit. What is the meaning of this visit and what transpired between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his UK counterpart Boris Johnson? It is evident that during such high-level talks, only a few things come to the fore and many things remain behind the scenes. Boris Johnson said he has discussed in details defence cooperation with India in the land, sea, air, space and cyber fields. Both the countries are grappling with ‘new complex threats’. He expressed his exhilaration over his journey saying, “I felt like Sachin Tendulkar. My face was as ubiquitous as Amitabh Bachchan. I was everywhere to be seen.” And yes, it is very important for Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Boris Johnson should come to India at a time when the country is celebrating ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ to commemorate 75 years of independence.
The story behind the scenes is to woo India, to draw it closer. Not only Britain, but America, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and other countries too want to keep India close to them. In the difficult period just after India’s independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s non-aligned policy laid the brilliant foundation of India’s foreign policy. Indiraji’s perseverance and her diplomatic awe strengthened India.  The nuclear tests conducted during the era of Indiraji and Atal Bihari Vajpayee increased our prestige. Despite all the pressures, Dr Manmohan Singh was successful in implementing the nuclear technology. The Prime Ministers in the intervening period followed the same path of independent policy and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken that policy a notch higher. I have always been saying that internal politics should not be used in international diplomacy. I have no hesitation in saying that in spite of unnecessary obstacles like the temple-mosque, Modiji has shown amazing firmness in foreign policy. He has created a wonderful atmosphere. He went all over the world carrying the noble thoughts of Lord Mahavir, Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. He stressed the fact that we are a nation that believes in non-violence and peace, but it does not mean that someone should try to intimidate us and we just keep watching silently!
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strengthened the image of India right from the UN to all other forums across the world. On one hand, India joined the Quad with America, Japan and Australia to tighten the screw on China, and on the other, joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to maintain pressure on America. When the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out, India maintained an independent policy. It was an almost impossible task to do but it was possible only because of India’s perseverance. Our purchases of oil and weapons from Russia continued. Our foreign minister has clearly said that the amount of oil we buy from Russia in a month, European countries buy the same in just one afternoon. No one dared to reply after this. Earlier, the US had imposed sanctions on Turkey for buying S-400 air defence system from Russia, but it could not dare take any step against India. The US knows that India is in such a strong position that it may need India on its side. This is the reason that while being the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan also praised India’s independent policy and status.
Modiji has created a strong image of India. During the Doklam standoff in 2017, our Army stood as a strong wall in front of China for two and a half months. China had to bow down. We are also aware of the clash and confrontation in Galvan. China had to accept that its soldiers were also killed in the clash. The dispute continues but India has made it clear to China that this is not the India of 1962. China sent its foreign minister Wang Yi to India last month. He wanted to meet the Prime Minister but Modiji refused. Today, the leaders and ministers from other countries wish to meet the foreign minister, defence minister or other senior ministers of India. Only the US had this status once and today we have it too.
Besides, Modiji has convinced the world that India is currently the most lucrative destination for investment. That is why investors from all over the world are rushing to invest in our country. In spite of all the troubles, our financial condition is improving. Together we all have to strengthen our position all the more. If we are able to do this, India will surely become a ‘Vishwa Guru’ and will again be called ‘Sone ki chidiya’.

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