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Build memorial of Lord Mahavir in Arabian Sea in Mumbai

   By Vijay Darda | 30-01-2023

Demands national president of Sakal Jain Samaj Vijay Darda

Vijay Darda

The national president of Sakal Jain Samaj and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda has demanded that the Central government should erect a grand memorial of Lord Mahavir in the Arabian Sea in Mumbai to convey the message of peace, non-violence, virtue and brotherhood across the country and the world. He also exuded confidence that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will definitely take a note of this demand.

Vijay Darda called on Shri Mahendrarishiji Maharaj Saheb, the brilliant Yuvacharya of Shramana Sangh, at Vardhaman Nagar Sthanak and sought his blessings on Sunday. He raised this demand while speaking on the occasion.

Darda said, “today there is an atmosphere of unrest and intolerance everywhere in the country. Women are being oppressed every day. Common man’s life has become toxic with negative vibes of hatred around. In this environment, it is necessary to spread the message of non-violence enunciated by Lord Mahavir in the country.”

Recalling the Chaturmas held in Nagpur in 1994 in the presence of Sadhvi Preetisudhaji Maharaj Saheb, he said it was historic in many ways. This Chaturmas was planned from the aspect of equal respect for all religions. Apart from the Jain devotees, about 60 per cent of the members of other communities used to attend the discourse every day. During this Chaturmas, thousands of citizens had taken an oath to give up non-vegetarian food, Darda said.

He also recalled that in 1997, Rashtrasant Acharya Shri Anandrishiji Maharaj Saheb had visited Lokmat Bhavan, and said Lokmat is following his message of “Live and let live” even today.

Pravartak Shri Prakashmuniji Maharaj Saheb, Up-pravartak Shri Akshayarishiji Maharaj Saheb, Shri Hitendrarishiji Maharaj Saheb along with Shri Amritrishiji Maharaj Saheb, Shri Darshanmuniji, Shri Gitarthrishiji, Shri Abhinandanmuniji, Shri Chandanbalaji, Shri Padmavatiji, Shri Charuprajnaji, Shri Suryavandanaji, Shri Shamanvandanaji, Shri Vitarag Vandanaji, Shri Sanmatiji, Shri Suchetaji, Shri Supriyaji, Shri Suprabhaji, Shri Subodhiji, Shri Divyajyotiji, Shri Diptishriji, Shri Soumyashriji, Shri Vaibhavshriji, Shri Kavyashriji, Shri Navyashriji, Shri Piyushdarshanji, Shri Ruchakadarshanji, Shri Amitjyotiji, Shri Ananthajyothiji, Shri Amitsudhaji, Sakal Jain Samaj trustee Santosh Pendhari, general secretary Nikhil Kusumgar, treasurer Anil Parakh, trustee Manish Mehta and others were present on the occasion.

Lokmat spreading message of Lord Mahavir

Lokmat is the leading media group of the country and it is due to Lokmat that the message of Lord Mahavir is being propagated and disseminated all over the country, said Shri Mahendrarishiji Maharaj Saheb, the brilliant Yuvacharya of Shramana Sangh. He said wherever the national president of Sakal Jain Samaj Vijay Darda stands, organisational strength is created. He has the ability to carry everyone along. His vision captures the future. His writings are all-inclusive. He has always shown the way of continuous progress to the society through various media. Lokmat, under the leadership of the Darda family, is also taking this noble mission forward. This is highly commendable work. Lokmat is the strength of the society. It is the powerful identity of democracy, Shri Mahendrarishiji said and suggested that Nagpur should be the centre of Jain Bhagwati Deeksha Festival and every Deeksha Festival should be held in Nagpur.

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