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Don’t tamper with sanskars, human values and nature: Vijay Darda

 Media Coverage  |  26-04-2021

Mahavir International organises lecture series

The chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media, former member of Rajya Sabha and national president of Sakal Jain Samaj Vijay Darda on Sunday emphasised the need to spread the message of sanskars, human values and love of nature propagated by Lord Mahavir. It is only on the basis of Lord Mahavir’s core message of ‘live and let live’ that happiness and peace can be established in the world, he said. He further said ethical and cultural values need to be instilled in the minds of children. “Lack of values will ruin our lives. Similarly, the continuous plundering of nature for our own selfishness is pushing us towards catastrophe. The epidemic like Covid-19 is the result of this careless attitude towards nature,” he observed. On the occasion of Lord Mahavir Jayanti, an online lecture was organised by the Nashik branch of Mahavir International on Sunday. Vijay Darda was the keynote speaker. Speaking on the theme of ‘Mahavir’s Principles and Science’, Darda suggested that sages and saints should propagate Lord

Mahavir’s thoughts and doctrines among the people in such a way that the next generation could also get enlightened.

“Tension is generated when we encroach upon anybody’s territory, it hurts us immensely. We are bearing the brunt of the loss of nature in the form of Covid epidemic. The sages and saints have been successful in communicating the principles of Lord Mahavir to the common people so as to strengthen the entire Jain community. We can awaken the feelings of love, kindness, compassion in everyone’s heart,” he said. He described ‘Vani

Bhushan’ Pritisudhaji as the form of Bhagwati. He also shared the memories of Chaturmas held in Nagpur in the year 1994. ‘Vani Bhushan’ Pritisudhaji, Krantikari Madhusmita , Mangalprabhaji and other Sadhvis were present. The programme commenced with Mangalacharan and Prabhu Mahavirji’s prayer. The programme concluded with Mangalpath. Dr Sangeeta Bafna conducted the proceedings.

The event was organised by the Mahavir International Nashik Branch president Anil Nahar, secretary Rajendra Bafna and other office bearers. Technical support was provided by Lalit Surana.

Follow principles of Lord Mahavir: Chhajed

Jaiprakash Chhajed, former MLA from Nashik who inaugurated the programme said that today there is an atmosphere of fear everywhere. We are fighting a battle with an unknown enemy. We can win this battle through the philosophy given to us by Lord Mahavir 2000 years ago. Lord Mahavir has given the message of ideal thought and conduct. We can follow them. Let us worship the Lord by imbibing the message of live and let live, he said.

Build identity through service and dedication: Muttha

Shantilal Muttha, philanthropist and chief guest of the programme, said today we are moving towards western culture. We should learn from the life of Lord Mahavir for the advancement of culture and community. According to the message of Lord Mahavir, we should get engaged in the service of the living beings. This will justify our celebration of ‘Janma Kalyanak’ and make the celebrations all the more meaningful. In the during the Covid-19 pandemic, there is the need to extend assistance to as many people as possible. The Jain community has set the ideal before the country and the world through sacrifice and dedication.

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Don’t tamper with sanskars, human values and nature: Vijay Darda


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