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Darda spells out five mantras to become a successful leader

Media Coverage | 28-01-2022

Enlightens entrepreneurs at Nahar JBN Mentorship Programme

The chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda on Thursday shared the mantra of developing leadership skills and qualities with the entrepreneurs and youth. He said it is essential to communicate with the colleagues, know them and recognise their qualities, assign them responsibilities by identifying their strengths, give them full freedom of action and let them implement their ideas, and take feedback while exercising strong control. By imbibing and cultivating these techniques, one can be a successful leader in any field, he noted.

Vijay Darda was speaking at the ‘Meet the Mentor’ programme organised under the Nahar Jain International Trade Organisation   Business Network   (JBN)  mentorship programme. At the outset, national convenor of JBN Mentorship Programme Divya Momaya introduced Vijay Darda. JBN chairman Sanjay Jain and  Divya interacted with Darda.

Whatever be the situation, fighting is my religion, Darda said, adding, “we fought and won during the Corona pandemic. A person who understands the essence and fundamentals of Jainism can be successful in any field. There is no need to go to the temple to worship. Puja means faith, sacrifice, good conduct and forgiveness.” He said, “Leadership skills are not developed by wielding a magic wand. Leadership qualities can be cultivated by having trust in each other, dedication, sacrifice and the ability to take risks. It takes courage to do so. Equality in action and speech makes one a leader. This builds trust in the people. One who does not have these qualities cannot lead.” In reply to the question as to what change is needed to develop leadership qualities, Darda illustrated his point by citing the example of his family.

He said his father veteran freedom fighter  Jawaharlal Darda was like a university. The one who studied in this university achieved success.

 The values imbibed from him have been passed on to both the brothers and later to the next generation. To lead means to take everyone along, to give direction to everyone thoughtfully, to respect the opinions and views of others, and to take a step back when the time is appropriate. These are the qualities a leader should possess. The feeling of coordination, dedication and respect should come from the family itself, he pointed out.

On this occasion, Darda also enlightened the youths who aspire to enter the media industry. He said his father did not wish to do anything else. He only wanted to do something that would serve the society in a positive way, alleviate the sufferings of the people and decide the course of development. Newspapers are a tool to bring about a change in society.  It is for this reason that he chose to enter this field.

 Media is a dynamic field where you have to work against the system at times. Industrialists stay away from such works. Therefore, if the youths are prepared to accept this challenge, they should enter this field. This however, is not as easy as it sounds, he noted.

Rishabh Sawansukha gave the information about the programme. The director in-charge Mahendra Sundesha welcomed the dignitaries while Manvardhan Baid proposed a vote of thanks.

‘Govt should work with accountability’

Asked to explain the difference between corporate and the government, Darda said the decisions by corporates are taken immediately and thoughtfully. The corporate sector involves competition and the question of profit and loss too. As far as the government is concerned, decisions are not taken immediately. For everything, a majority is required. The decisions are deliberated upon by several committees. The approval of the people’s representatives representing the society is necessary. Notwithstanding this, work has to be done on time. Keeping this in view, demand to bring in accountability has been made. Once accountability is fixed, government works will not be delayed any longer.

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