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We need to imbibe the virtues of Lord Ganesh

  By Vijay Darda | 17-09-2018

There is always some message inherent in every celebration in Indian culture; we should understand those messages

This is the festive season of Ganeshotsav. The holy festival of Lord Shree Ganesh has charged the atmosphere with enthusiasm, energy and excitement. The joyous shouts of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ are being heard everywhere. Seeing the society so enthused, it really feels great. This enthusiasm in fact, is the most essential element of our life. If there is no celebration and enthusiasm in life, life will become joyless. And that is why our forefathers would have started these festivals.

Whenever I celebrate a festival, a series of thoughts keep churning within me. I try to find out what is the scientific and practical side of this festival? What are the hidden messages in it? Are we assimilating those messages in our lives? As far as Ganeshji is concerned, when we begin any new work, we say “Shriganesh Kijiye”. Not only that, we worship Ganpati first of all. That is, Ganpati conveys to us that we must keep doing something new in our life. Spread out the idea a little more and we can say that Ganeshji also gives out the message of innovation. This is the biggest need in today’s times. Innovation will take our society and country on the path of development. Teach your children the way to worship Ganpati so that they should become innovative.

Ganeshji is also called the god of wisdom. He is considered to be the troubleshooter, which means solution to all problems. How big a message is hidden in it that when intelligence is cultivated and honed, you can easily find way to deal with any problem. When we worship Ganpati, we should also take the vow that not only will we try to become wiser but also motivate our children. If every child of the country becomes educated and intelligent, every problem that the nation faces will be overcome. Ganeshji was the head of army of Lord Shiva and therefore, he teaches us leadership quality too.

Ganpati is also called Mangalmurthi. Have you ever thought why he got this name? If you ever look at his shape, you will understand a lot. Ganeshji’s head is huge. It is believed that whoever has a big head is the master of extremely sharp intellect and has amazing leadership capability. From the big head of Ganeshji we get the message that every person should keep his thinking big. His eyes are small. Small eyes are the reflection of the nature of contemplation. With Ganeshji’s small eyes, we can get the message that we should see everything in a very subtle way, put it to test and then make a decision.

Ganeshji has also got the name Gajkarna. This name is given to him because of his ears. His ears are of elephants. No god or goddess has this kind of ears. It is believed that people with long ears are extremely fortunate. It seems that the message of long ears is that you should listen to the whole world. If you do not listen, how will the information reach you? If you will not listen, how will you communicate? If you don’t listen, how will you know the side of others? If you do not listen, how can you make the right decision? This message is most important for democratic traditions. Unfortunately, today the tendency to listen to others is on the decline. Everyone just wants to tell his or her own story. This message of Ganeshji at this point of time is most important. Thus, we learn from Ganpati’s trunk the lesson of keeping ourselves active. You might have noticed that the elephant never keeps its trunk constant. It is a symbol of activity. A person who is active in life keeps the problems away from himself too.

Now look at Ganeshji’s stomach! Due to his stomach, he got the name Lambodara. His stomach is a symbol of the fact that one should digest many things. One should stay away from backbiting. It is because calumny gives birth to big conflicts. To be happy, it is very important to digest many things. Ganapati is also called Ekdant. It is said that Parshuramji broke Ganeshji’s tooth. Amazingly enough, he turned his broken tooth into a writing instrument.

So congratulations to you all for the celebration of the worship of Shri Ganeshji! Simply imbibe these messages in your life and also inculcate values from them in your children.


No other culture in the world has as many festivals as our Indian culture. In fact, the development of our culture has been brought about in such a way that festivity has become a part of our life. Messages behind these festivals are hidden. There is the need to understand those messages.


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We need to imbibe the virtues of Lord Ganesh


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