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Jainism has basis in science, Bhaktamar Stotra has immense power: Vijay Darda

 Media Coverage  |  10-05-2021

The national president of Sakal Jain Samaj, former member of Rajya Sabha and chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Vijay Darda has said that Jainism is completely based on science and there is immense power and deep belief in the Bhaktamar Stotra, composed by Acharya Manatungaji in praise of Bhagwan Adinath, the first Tirthankar.

Darda was speaking during seven-day online internal tour programme organised by Siddhayatan Sanstha, Sangam Foundation, IVS Healing Centre and JITO Ladies Wing Raipur to check the outbreak of pandemic with positive energy of Bhaktamar Stotra and awakening its divine power during the dangerous second wave of Covid-19.

Vijay Darda urged the participants to use the power awakened during celebration of the healing festival through Bhaktamar Stotra. People deeply believe that the sixth verse of Bhaktamar Stotra has proved successful in the development of intelligence. If something is lost, the 11th verse shows the way. The 45th verse has proved to be powerful in fighting diseases. I know that some people have used these verses even in diseases like cancer, but there is no evidence that something good or bad has happened through them. There are only assumptions. Therefore, my earnest request is that you should continue taking any medicines or consulting a doctor. Never stop taking medicine. Madhuritai Sherlekar had recited Bhaktamar Stotra at Chitnis Park when we had hosted Preetisudhaji Maharaj Saheb in Nagpur in 1994 and it is said that it has benefitted a lot of people. Darda also discussed forgiveness, live and let live philosophy and the importance of aparigraha which is the virtue of non-possessiveness or non-greediness.

The seven-day internal tour programme started online from May 6 and will continue till May 12. In this programme, Vijay Darda expressed his views on Saturday as the chief guest.

He said Dr Manju Jain has worked to spread the Bhaktamar Stotra recitation in the country and abroad among the Jain and non-Jain brethren through their various centres. A large laboratory is also being built in Nagpur where experiment is going to be conducted through all these verses. In this event, international spiritual healer Dr Manju Jain and wellness coach and spiritual healer Sonal Jain Jayaswal are suggesting ways to make the mindset positive by awakening Bhaktamar Healing and inner powers in this era of pandemic.

Prominent among those present during the online programme were Madhusmitaji MS, Prerna MS, Lalita Jain Sethi (Kolkata), managing trustee of Siddhayatan Sanstha, Neeraj Surana, founder of Sangam Foundation, Vinay Jain, director of IVS Healing Centre, Kusum Srisrimal, chairperson of Jeeto Ladies Wing Raipur and Visakhapatnam industrialist Manoj Jayaswal, together with nearly seven hundred community members.

The chief guest was introduced by CA Santosh Jain (Kolkata). Mangalacharan and prayer was performed by Madhusmitaji MS. She said that he who conquers the seven chakras of Kundalini is called Chakravarti.

The programme was conducted by Neeraj Surana.

Awaken the soul

Dr Manju Jain explained during the programme that every verse of Bhaktamar Stotra has immense power. It removes negativity and brings positivity in life. These are the mantras that positively affect people’s life, happiness, intelligence and prosperity. He explained how the soul can be awakened through mantras.

Importance of chakras

During this event, Sonal Jain Jayaswal explained in details about the seven chakras of Kundalini: Mooladhar, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Ajna, Sahasrara. She revealed that as the chakras open, our emotions become pure and we feel happiness and peace from within. Manoj Jayaswal said God is within everyone. To reach Him, the mind must be clean and the expressions should be pure. Whatever is in the heart, should reflect on the face.

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Jainism has basis in science, Bhaktamar Stotra has immense power: Vijay Darda


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