What if aliens come knocking?

   By Vijay Darda | 18-09-2023

Two remains of aliens were displayed before Mexican Parliament; does US really know the secrets of aliens?

The presence of aliens, or mysterious creatures from another planet, is being debated once again. Discussions concerning aliens are rekindled whenever some UFO (unidentified flying object), also known as flying saucer, is sighted anywhere. Claims and counterclaims are made, but this is for the first time that the remains of aliens have been displayed in any country’s parliament, the country being Mexico. Jaime Maussan, a flying saucer expert and noted journalist, claims that these 1000-year-old mummified remains belong to creatures from another planet, i.e. aliens, and were discovered in a mine in Peru. A close look at these bodies reveal that they are not human remains. Humans, for example, have five fingers on each hand and foot and these aliens’ remains have only three fingers each. Their fingers are about double the size of a human being. Their rib structure is also distinct from that of human beings.

According to Maussan, a study on UFO samples was recently conducted at Autonomous University of Mexico. Scientists used radiocarbon dating methods to investigate the DNA of these bodies. The bones are lighter than human bones but extremely strong. During the debate in the Mexican Congress, the Harvard Astronomy Department urged that the government grant permission for a study on the aliens. The important thing is that no weeds grow in the area of Mexico where these bodies were discovered; there are big pictures in the area and there are radio conductors so large that no human being can manufacture them. This raises the question whether aliens have some kind of contact with this region?

Thanks to the curiosity and interest this issue has generated, the debate in Mexican Parliament was televised live. Notably, former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves was also present during the presentation. Ryan is the same US Navy pilot who had claimed in the US Congress that he saw alien spacecraft while in service. The US Congress too, witnessed a debate on the aliens last year. Retired Major David Grush, a former US Navy intelligence officer, astonished everyone by claiming that America is keeping a lot of information about flying saucers and aliens from the rest of the world. He even claims that America has captured aliens and flying saucers, and that it is working on reverse engineering of the flying saucers. However, his assertion was dismissed by the US Defence Department Pentagon, which stated that America had never run any programme involving aliens.

However, there have been numerous discussions about America. For example, it is reported that in the state of Nevada, there is a facility called Area 51 where alien research is being conducted. It is claimed that a flying saucer had crashed in New Mexico at a speed of 27,000 miles per hour. Its debris and other remains were moved to this location in 1951, hence the name Area 51. It is also claimed that America holds the remains of the dead aliens. In her book titled ‘Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base’, journalist Anne Jacobson discusses numerous fascinating topics. She has quoted one of her contacts to have disclosed that child-sized extra-terrestrial alien pilots had been apprehended. As there is no evidence on ground, it is difficult to establish whether she truly knows anything about aliens and flying saucers.

However, sightings of flying saucers have been reported in various parts across the planet. This type of objects have been sighted numerous times along the India-China border. Initially, there were apprehensions that China might have released some drones, but they never appeared on the radar, giving rise to the possibility that they could have been flying saucers. When treasure hunter Oscar Muno discovered the body of a 6-inch infant in the Chilean desert in 2003, it was considered to be the body of an alien. The basic structure of that body had only 10 ribs; a normal human body has 12 pairs of ribs. Genetic testing later revealed that the baby was born malformed due to a genetic defect. So there have been many such claims and counter claims in the past.

Hearsay and assumptions are not accepted in the field of science. Science requires evidence. However, scientists never ruled out the existence of the aliens. Scientists also believe that the existence of life on a star in the universe should come as no surprise. As a result of this idea, our science is attempting to examine every region of the cosmos beginning with our galaxy. Space science is rapidly evolving. We are also attempting to relay the message and comprehend the ones we are receiving from the cosmos. It is evident that signals are the language of messages. Last year, investigators captured 1,863 radio signals in just 82 hours. According to Heng Shu, a Chinese space scientist and astronomer who investigated these signals, these radio waves are originating from a neutron star with a strong magnetic field. It is still not clear why these radio signals are being sent? Is someone sending them? After all, humans have also sent several radio signals into space. You might be shocked to learn that such radio signals have existed in various formats for a long time. On August 15, 1977, the Big Ear Telescope in Ohio, USA, detected a signal from 200 light years away. In simple terms, consider this distance in terms of the speed of light, which is around 3 lakh kilometres per second. That means the distance travelled by light in 200 years is the point where the signal so detected came from.

Concerning aliens, I had asked the great scientist and former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam whether or not aliens really exist. With all seriousness, he stated that planets and stars considerably larger than our Earth exist in this cosmos and therefore, the possibility of aliens cannot be ruled out. The great scientist Albert Einstein once observed that believing that aliens do not exist is like fetching a tablespoon of water from the ocean, observing it and then concluding that there are no sharks or whales in it!

The pace at which our science is progressing leads us to believe that we will undoubtedly come in contact with the aliens someday. But the biggest question is what would we do if aliens indeed came knocking? Will we do something to them or will they do something to us? What will be their language? How will they behave or react? Will it be the same as we see in the movies? Let us wait for the right moment!

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