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Why has Putin become Modiji’s fan?

   By Vijay Darda | 07-11-2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given a message to the world by praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Vijay Darda

The whole world knows that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not talk without any rhyme or reason. He always sticks to his guns. He always uses his words carefully because he knows how much a word uttered by him about someone means. Therefore, when he openly praised the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in the presence of policy experts at the Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow, the whole world listened to his statement with rapt attention and got busy interpreting his words.

Just look at Putin’s words. He said Narendra Modi is one of the few and rare politicians in the world who, despite all the pressures, has the ability to decide independent foreign policy keeping in view the interest of his country. Referring to the historical friendship and trust between Russia and India, Putin said there were many attempts to impose international sanctions on India but Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued the journey like an icebreaker. India has achieved tremendous success in terms of development and its future is bright. An attempt was made to see Putin’s statement in the context that India should not get too close to the American camp and remain close to Russia. It is natural that in the new world order, India needs Russia as well as America!

I see Putin’s statement in a completely different context. If you assess his statement keeping aside the politics, then what Putin has said is absolutely right. Not much time has passed since the US imposed economic sanctions on Russia. India buys crude oil from Russia and the sanctions meant stopping the purchase. Had it been any other country other than India, it would have buckled under pressure but India continued to buy oil from Russia. Not only this, when the external affairs minister S Jaishankar was asked about it, he put forth the data that India’s total purchase of oil from Russia in a month is probably less than what Europe buys in a day. India also fearlessly purchased the S-400 missile system from Russia. Both these incidents show that India did not listen to America. On the other hand, regardless of Russian displeasure, India joined the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) with America, Australia and Japan. The world saw that when the Taliban occupied Afghanistan, Russian security council secretary Nikolai Patrushev and the US intelligence agency CIA chief William Burns had to come to Delhi personally to discuss the situation.

Even when Russia attacked Ukraine, India kept its position very clear; it neither blindly supported Russia nor sided with Europe or America. And when it was necessary, Modiji looked into Putin’s eyes and said this is not the time for war. On one hand, India has strengthened its ties with Israel and on the other, it has nurtured its relationship with Arab countries too. The Arab countries no longer care for Pakistan; they attach great significance to their traditional ties with India. There are many such incidents that are indicative of the fact that the stature of India is increasing all across the globe. PM Modi and his team deserve full credit for enhancing the stature of India. I have no hesitation in saying that the external affairs minister S Jaishankar is lending his full support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to enhance India’s image overseas.

Even before Putin, Donald Trump praised Modiji when he was the President. Barack Obama even wrote an article on Modiji in Time magazine. Modiji’s name has been included in Time magazine’s list of the world’s most influential persons five times. He has been included along with Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, and is among the three most influential leaders of India to date. Jawaharlal Nehru saved India from joining any group in the difficult period after independence and wrote a new chapter of development. Indira Gandhi introduced the whole world to the firmness of India. And now Modiji has taken India’s power to a new level in the whole world.

During his time, Nehruji made leaders from all over the world his admirers. He used to hug them and put his hand on their shoulders. Both Nehru and John F Kennedy were independent minded and did not bow before the Queen of Britain but shook hands with her. India had moral and ideological strength during Nehruji’s time and today Modiji has moral, ideological as well as economic strength. Modiji is an expert in the art of displaying this power. His diplomacy is amazing. Today every leader wants to hug Modiji. Be it Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping or anyone else. Modiji has also spoken on an equal footing with the world’s top leaders. This specialty in him is what impresses everyone. It is, therefore, no exaggeration that leaders around the world praise him. India has already joined the race to become a superpower. Sare jahan se achha Hindustan hamara!

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