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Wings to ideas and direction to life

 Media Coverage  |  19-05-2022

Inspiring stories that made women aware of their existence

The 9th Lokmat Women Summit 2022 was inaugurated at the hands of Nagpur district guardian minister Nitin Raut and the chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda. Aparna Amitesh Kumar, senior vice president of Goel Ganga Group Sunita Shirolkar, principal secretary (environment and protocol) Manisha Mhaiskar, president of Gravittus Foundation Usha Kakade, secretary of Khanderaya Pratishthan from Balewadi Saagar Balwadkar, founder of Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Cooperative Society, Nagpur, Pramod Manmode, director (operations) of Lokmat Media Ashok Jain and group editor of Lokmat Media Vijay Baviskar were present on this occasion.

Nagpur: With changing times, women are proving themselves in every field. There isn’t a field where women haven’t excelled today. Despite this, there are many women who are still struggling for their existence. They are struggling to give wings to their ideas so that they can fly high and scale greater heights in their career and feel proud of themselves. She wants to prove to the world she is not a poor woman but an achiever. However, the biggest question she is struggling with is how she will achieve all this. All these questions were answered during the ninth edition of Lokmat Women Summit 2022, presented by Lodha Gold TMT Bar in association with Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Cooperative Society, Nagpur.


‘Pankh Hote Toh’: Recognise your courage

We have wings and we need to fly

Everyone has wings and we know it but just having wings doesn’t work. Can we spread our wings to fly? The day you get the answer, no one will be able to stop you from flying high. These views were expressed by Air India’s Capt. Shivani Kalra and Usha Kakade, founder of the ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ campaign and president of the Gravittus Foundation. Kalra, who played a key role in Operation Ganga, carried out to bring back Indian students stranded in Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine war and Kakde interacted with the women during a discussion session on ‘Pankh Hote Toh’ at Lokmat Women Summit.

Chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media and former member of Rajya Sabha Vijay Darda was also present. Kalra said if you had wings, what could you do? Ask yourself this again and again. On the other hand, she said that she was not highly educated but today she was handling 45 companies just because of her faith and hard work.

Capt. Shivani Kalra, Usha Kakade and Vijay Darda during panel discussion on ‘Pankh Hote Toh’.


I was scared when I flew the plane for the first time. But there is also courage within us. We have to recognise that too. There is a victory when we overcome fear. The preparations for my younger brother’s wedding were on when a call came for Operation Ganga. My parents were very scared because of the constant news on TV channels. I was scared too. But the students who were stuck in Ukraine encouraged me to prepare myself for the mission.

– Capt. Shivani Kalra,
Air India


In most cases of the crimes against young girls, the culprits are known to the victims. So parents should be friends with their daughters. This will help them share if anything happens to them. We run the campaign on ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ to prevent crimes against children. We have reached out to about four lakh students till date. During the campaign,  experts make children aware of good and bad touch and inform about laws against it.

– Usha Kakade,
   President, Gravittus Foundation


‘Panchhi Banu’: Wings of aspirations

Leave your comfort zone and fly high

If women don’t step out of their comfort zone, how will they fly high, questioned panellists during a panel discussion held as part of Lokmat Women Summit. When accepting new challenges women should have full confidence in themselves. When they leave their comfort zone they will be able to see new directions and a new sky to grow.

Actress Isha Koppikar, principal secretary and chief protocol officer of Government of Maharashtra Manisha Mhaiskar, director of Innovation, Incubation and Linkage, Savitribai Phule, Pune University, Dr Apoorva Palkar and alopecia survivor and activist Ketaki Jani were part of the panel discussion. Shweta Shelgaonkar was the moderator.

Renukar Gatlewar and her team from Swatantra Theatra presented a skit called ‘Panchi Banu-Aam ka Achaar?


Women have to work twice as hard as men.  Amidst all this if one wants to fly, they need the support of family. Women should bond with each other, this creates a healthy environment. They should stop thinking about being a superwoman. Instead, should aim for happiness and peace.

– Manisha Mhaiskar,

Principal secretary (Environment and Protocol Government of Maharashtra)


We need to stop assuming that men are superior. There is no comparison between the two. We should tell ourselves that since birth women are self-sufficient and independent. So, who and why will somebody teach us about empowerment? We should identify our strength and independence.

– Isha Koppikar, Actress


Due to an illness she lost all her hair and was home-bound for five years. Her even considered commiting suicide. The thought of her children gave her courage to live. Now I feel, are we here to look beautiful for others or to entertain them? People call me bald, they say I must have committed a sin. Despite these comments I decided to live happily. Today she is working towards spreading awareness about alopecia. Her efforts have encouraged people like her to live life.

– Ketaki Jani, Alopecia Activist


It is an accepted notion that when it comes to business, women can only deal in pickles, papad, and spices. Why so? Whether it is a big industry, experiment, or a big investment. Dream it and strive to make it reality. Even today, successful women are asked what their husbands do, why? Percentage of women in higher education is less, why? To answer these questions women should get out of their comfort zone and open up to new challenges.

– Dr. Apoorva Palkar,

Director of Innovation, Incubation and Linkage, Savitribai Phule Pune University


Ketaki Jani, Isha Koppikar, Manisha Mhaiskar and Dr Apoorva Palkar during panel discussion on ‘Panchhi Banu’.


Sanjana Sanghi, Rupali Chakankar and Zakia Soman during panel discussion on ‘Patakha Gudi’


‘Patakha Gudi’: Got equality but did the situation improve?

It is important to change mindset of society towards women

The struggle of women starts from the womb itself. The debate starts on the basis of the sonography report whether a daughter is needed or not. After birth, in every stage of life, girls struggle from home to society. She has to live her life behind the veil of male-dominated culture irrespective of the situation and religion she is born in. The situation does not improve even though she is leading her life in the society on equal footing with men. Thus, institutions like women commission are being created.


Lokmat has brought forward the challenges and struggles faced by the women in different fields through Lokmat Women Summit. It always remains at the front in the fight against atrocities on women. It calls out the perversion of society towards women. There are many questions before women. Lokmat has attempted to find the answers of those questions through its platform. The society has been made aware of the existence of women through a platform like women summit. Till date, Lokmat has played this role and it will continue to do so.

 – Rupali Chakankar,

     Chairperson, Maharashtra State Commission for Women


The voice raised by common Muslim women against triple talaq is a historic beginning of the struggle. Till now the problems of Muslim women were represented only by their religious gurus. Their voice was suppressed by reminding them of the rights given to women in religious scriptures. Hijab has been linked to religion but wearing Hijab is not mandatory. It is not mentioned in the religion. But there was no need to give political colour to hijab. The concerned college could have resolved that issue at its level.

– Zakia Soman,

   Founder of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan


Questions are always being raised about women’s dress in society. Women understand well what to wear or not. Women are more conscious than men regarding  the choice of dress according to the situation. Dresses are their favourite subject. There is no need to question them on this without any reason. We know what is appropriate and what is not. Allow us to take a call.

– Sanjana Sanghi, Actress


Women’s world unfolded through drama

The artists of Swatantra Theater from Pune tried to unravel the aura of women’s world through their plays. Dhanashree Heblikar played the role of a woman, who was looking forward to taking a giant leap at the age of 42, in one act play – ‘Pankh Hote Toh’. The plays were written by Lina Joshi and directed by Abhijeet Chaudhari. Renuka Gatlewar gave inspiration  to break the chains of existing life and venture out, through her play ‘Panchi Banu-Aam Ka Achar’. Aayushi Ananad and Moksha Shah presented the ‘Patakha Kudi- Letter To Doctor’ play. It shared the experiences of a mother. In the play ‘Aaj Main Upar’, Ketki Nimbalkar appealed to the young girls to brace themselves to face any challenge.


Rashika Dugal, Arti Singh and Sunita Kar during panel discussion on ‘Aaj Main Upar’


The 9th Lokmat Women’s Summit 2022, held at Hotel Centre Point in Nagpur, was attended by a large number of eminent women from different walks of life from across the state.


‘Aaj Main Upar’: Build courage, progress

People respect those who struggle & persist

Now women are working with enthusiasm in every field that was once restricted for them and they are receiving encouragement from men too. They are also getting the support of the law. Women are progressing on the basis of their courage. All women today have the courage to face any crisis. Hence, people bow those who struggle and persist. These were the view expressed in panel discussion on ‘Aaj Main Upar’ held as part of ninth Lokmat Women’s Summit. Amravati police commissioner Aarti Singh, activist Sunita Kar, who works against child trafficking, and Bollywood actress Rasika Duggal, participated actively.


The most important issue is that of womens’ safety. Everyone wants a son, why not a daughter, this mindset of the society must change. I also have two daughters. Girls do not have the right to make decisions in society. If they become successful, this would force their parents to make a decision.

– Arti Singh,

   Police Commissioner, Amravati


The film industry is male dominated and women need to work hard to get themselves recognised. However,  in last few years there is support from men. In the current scenario, it is the actress who gets the first place in the story. If you are hard working and love your work, the film industry is the best place for women.

– Rashika Dugal, Actress


At the age of 16, she was caught in child trafficking, after somehow getting out of it, she was locked in a room for three years. With her courage, Kar started a movement to stop child trafficking in the country. She appealed to educate children, give strict punishment to smugglers and not to keep mum if something is wrong. In this fight, cooperation of the police, lawyers and even the law is not as much as it should be.

– Sunita Kar,

    Activist against child trafficking



– Nalinitai Navrekar

Veenadevi Darda Jeevan Gaurav Samman

Our efforts towards cleaning India is just a molehill, whereas the problem is huge. We have to work towards the cause till our last breath. Lokmat has recognised my work in the field and has honoured me with an award. This award by Lokmat will inspire us to work harder in our cleanliness drive.

– Ratnatai Kamble

Jyotsnadevi Darda Karya Gaurav Samman

I  am grateful to Lokmat for bestowing me with this honour. This honour is extremely important as it is being conferred in Lokmat Nagpur edition’s golden jubilee year. The responsibility has increased further after getting this award. At the same time, it has given me motivation to continue the work for development of society.

– Dr Smita Kolhe


Social Work

I  am really happy that Lokmat has recognised and rewarded my work. It has inspired me since the beginning. Before this, I was conferred with the Maharastrian of the Year award. I am inspired to work harder towards my goal after being honoured with an award at Lokmat Women Summit.

– Meenatai Jagdhane




Lokmat has created a platform for encouraging women. They are doing a wonderful job of honouring women from different fields. Today women are doing a commendable job in every field. This honour is for all women. This honour will encourage women to fly higher. I am thankful to Lokmat for honouring me.

– Dr Tara Maheshwari




I  have been a reader of Lokmat since a very long time. I never imagined that one day I will be receiving such an honour for my work and services, not only on a regional platform but on a national one.  It is a moment of pride for me and gives me inspiration to continue my efforts towards the betterment of the society.

Rashmi Kulkarni




I  am thankful to Lokmat for conferring this award on me. This award is important to further the idea of ‘Udne ki Aasha’ among women. This award does not belong to me alone but my entire team which has been working alongside. Wherever I am today is because of my mother-in-law who is an inspiration to me.

– Sakshi Chitlange




I  am grateful to Lokmat for recognising my work in the field of sports and honouring me with this award and I am really happy. Women have the potential to fly high. All they need is encouragement. Parents play a huge role in the success of girls. So, they should be encouraging towards their children.

– Ragini Kamtikar



I  am grateful to Lokmat for recognizing and honouring my art. I am extremely happy after receiving this award. I feel proud of being feted with this honour. Today my dedication towards music has paid off and I hope to achive many such milestones. I am also proud to be a part of the Lokmat family.

– Mohini Bhoge



I  am happy at being invited to such a prestigious event and getting honoured. Being a     commoner I feel proud to receive this award. After receiving this award today, I can say that Lokmat not only delivers national and international news to its readers but also honours the contribution of its readers towards the society.


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