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‘Happy Health Year’ to every sector

By Vijay Darda | 04-01-2021.

The coronavirus outbreak not only frightened the common man but also destroyed the health of the industry.

At the outset, I would like to convey unlimited good wishes for the New Year and best wishes for the future. As I wrote in the previous column, the year 2020 was fraught with challenges. It was the year of our endurance test and we were successful to a great extent. But there are still several challenges before us that need to be addressed with all seriousness. Coronavirus is not going to leave us so easily! The health of every sector has deteriorated and hence it will take a long time for a full recovery. We will also have to work hard collectively to make this happen.

It is a good thing that the fury of the coronavirus pandemic has started to decline now but still it is not only present in our midst but it has morphed into a new variant. I hope that the vaccine will reach the people before it is able to exert its malefic influence on mankind. Preparations for the distribution of vaccines have started in our country. We should harbour no doubt in its success as we have got the experience of running the biggest vaccination drive in the world and we also have a lot of resources. So, we should all hope that the vaccine reaches us soon. For this, I would like to congratulate and express my gratitude to all our scientists, government officials, employees and people of the healthcare sector, because of whom the vaccine got ready and is going to reach the people.

Yes, one thing must be kept in mind that you will have to keep the same kind of patience you have kept during the war against the coronavirus pandemic last year. Even a solitary case of negligence will prove to be very dangerous until the coronavirus chain is snapped. I am also talking about patience because the gang of copycats and fraudsters has already been activated. One possibility is that as soon as the vaccination drive starts, fake vaccines will start flooding the market. We have a big market for fake medicines, so these duplicators will not lose any opportunity. There is a need to be careful with such unscrupulous elements. To take advantage of this opportunity, the thugs have also entered the field. They can rob your bank accounts by asking for Aadhaar number and then OTP. Financial institutions have also started warning about this. So, beware of such thugs and fraudsters!

Remaining cautious is also very important for personal health. Last year we saw many families lose their near and dear ones. Let’s hope nothing like that happens in the New Year. It is very essential that we all take care of each other and pay attention to our own health as well. This pandemic has taught us how expensive carelessness can be to one’s own health. Therefore, pay attention to your diet and eat healthy food so that you are able to fight this virus. Traditional home remedies have also proved to be of great use along with regular exercises and yoga. The more active your body is, the stronger the immune system will be.

And as far as the immune system of the country is concerned, it is not only necessary for our industry to prosper again but also to develop in a new way so that if there is a deep crisis in future, we will be able to deal with it. However, Oxford Economics’ global report is intimidating to us because it states that by 2025, India’s per capita GDP could drop by 12 per cent lower than before the corona period.

Since our size is large, the size of loss will also be large for us. But I feel that there is no need to panic by such reports. We Indians have this natural strength that in times of difficulties, we emerge stronger. If we decide that we will develop the industries rapidly, then we can definitely improve GDP rapidly.

Although the government has made many announcements of assistance for the business and their effect is also visible, it is worth noting that India’s economy is based on supply and demand. As long as the demand is low, there will not be much difference in the condition. The need of the hour is to transfer money to the common man’s pocket to increase demand.

Apart from this, the prices of materials used in the construction sector will have to be reduced so that it can boom and people can get employment. It is very important to pay attention to the health of the industries, especially MSMEs, which have restarted after being in captivity during the corona period. The amount of aid received is not enough. Until the health of the industries and businesses improves, we cannot imagine betterment of our country’s health.

So let’s wish each other in 2021: Happy Health Year.


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‘Happy Health Year’ to every sector


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