Youth indifferent to scriptures due to tough language: Dr Vijay Darda

Media Coverage | 31-10-2023

Book ‘Mahavir Se Aaj Tak’ authored by Madhu Singhi released

“Selflessness in Jain philosophy is capable of bringing about a marked change in anybody’s life but the new generation finds it uninteresting as it fails to comprehend religious texts written in a difficult language,” said chairman of Editorial Board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr. Vijay Darda.

He was speaking during the launch of the book ‘Madhusar – Jain Darshan Chintan: Jeevan Sadhana Meri Nazar Se ‘Mahavir Se Aaj Tak’ authored by Madhu Rajendra Singhi. The book of Madhu Rajendra Singhi was launched at Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery at Lokmat Bhavan on Sunday.

Dr Vijay Darda was present as chief guest at the function. Former MP Ajay Sancheti and motivational speaker as well as pravachankar, Vipin Jain were present as special guests.

The guests of honour were rashtriya mahamantri of Bharat Varshiya Digambar Jain Tirth Kshetra Committee Santosh Pendhari, president of Sumatinath Jain Mandir Nikhil Kusumgar and social worker and founder of CAFE – Charitable Trust CA Hemant Lodha. On the occasion, Rajendra Singhi, Richa Bora, Vardan Bora and others were present.

Dr. Darda said that knowing Lord Mahavir was not possible by visiting temples. Imbibing his thoughts can only be done through introspection. One has to know oneself to understand and appreciate the teachings of Lord Mahavir, he observed.

Dr. Darda said, “I am in love with every church, mosque, temple and any kind of shrine. Because people say different names of the one God. Also, lot of blood is being spilled and humanity is being destroyed in the name of religion. People have not understood religion in a true sense. Humanity has been completely destroyed and women and girls are the worst sufferers. What kind of progress are we making? Unless we protect our value systems, the lust for power will destroy all of us. We can see it happening in Israel and the other parts of the world.”

‘Knowledge of ‘Moksha’ should be understood by all’

Dr Vijay Darda praised Madhu Singhi’s book and said that the author had explained Lord Mahavir and Jain philosophy in a very simple language. “Why are Jain scriptures not available to our new generation today?” he posed. He said no one spared a thought to appreciate why this was happening. This is because the scriptures have been written in such a difficult language that people can neither read them nor understand them. “Who are we writing for? Who will benefit from the rich knowledge that these books contain?” he questioned praising Madhu Singhi for her effort at simplifying religious texts. “Knowledge of ‘Moksha’ should be understood by all irrespective of class or creed,” he noted.


‘Jainism is known by deeds’

Former MP Ajay Sancheti said, “Jainism is identified with karma”. He complemented Madhu Singhi for her thorough study in writing the book and noted that all aspects of Jain philosophy had been beautifully brought out in the concise work. Pravachankar Vipin Jain said, “Lord Mahavir’s speech was very simple and easy to understand, which could be understood by humans as well as animals. But today there are more people who misguide people than guide them. One should be careful of such people. Understand the teachings of Lord Mahavir and adopt his principles, this will make life easier.”

‘Use of simple, sweet language in book’

Guest of honour CA Hemant Lodha while reviewing the book ‘Madhusar – Jain Darshan Chintan: Jeevan Sadhana Meri Nazar Se ‘Mahavir Se Aaj Tak’, said that author Madhu Sindhi has explained the knowledge and spirituality inherent in the entire Jain philosophy in simple and sweet language in this book. President of Sumatinath Jain Mandir Nikhil Kusumgar said, “It is a matter of pride that we have such writers in Nagpur. People will be inspired after reading this book. People cannot achieve salvation unless they give up attachment. People should read the sayings of Lord Mahavir and his principles.” Another guest of honour Santosh Pendhari said the art of concentrating the mind and senses can also be learned from this book.

‘Jainism means forgiveness’

The author of the book, Madhu Singhi said, “The entire Jain philosophy is included in the 108 verses of this book. Common people can achieve both progress and salvation in their lives through this book. Jainism means forgiveness. Jainism teaches us to always forgive. I received a lot of guidance from the chairman of the editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda in writing this book.” Rajendra Singhi proposed a vote of thanks.


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Chairman of editorial board of Lokmat Media Group and former member of Rajya Sabha Dr Vijay Darda, author Madhu Rajendra Singhi, former MP Ajay Sancheti, pravachankar Vipin Jain, CA Hemant Lodha, Santosh Pendhari and Nikhil Kusumgar releasing the book ‘Madhusar – Jain Darshan Chintan: Jeevan Sadhana Meri Nazar Se ‘Mahavir Se Aaj Tak’ during a function at Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Lokmat Bhavan on Sunday.

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